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Simple. Fun. Timeless

Over the years watches is something that has never gone out of styles. Until recent times watches were all about being a bold piece, sometimes chunky and heavy. Over the last 6/7 years i would say this has changed quite a bit. From the creation of smart watches to the more fun looking light weight watches becoming very prominent on the scene and one brand that has come into the market on the latter is Ksana.

During a search for a 'Well-designed' - neon coloured watched founder of watch brand Ksana Claire Cherry, says she couldn't find something that stood out, something that she truly liked. So instead of buying one she didn't like or not buying one at all she used this as motivation to design her own and she didn't just stop there, this was the starting point for her to launch Ksana. Cherry wanted to create something that was 'Timeless yet fun' she wanted to get away from the tradition 'timeless' piece which historically have been big chunky bits of metal, which can be very beautiful and elegant - but it wasn't what Claire wanted.

Bold designs are very prominent in the collections Ksana has produced. The pieces offer bold bright colours with a very sophisticated face. Getting a balance of the modern and classic watch perfectly.

The brand's name Ksana is derived from the Buddhist perception of time. Buddhist belief tells how a Ksana is an imperceptibly small amount of time, in which all kinds of things happen that elude our conscious awareness. Claire says, 'For us, Ksana embodies the desire to have fun without continued stimulation from the "always on", technologically-connected world in which we live'.

Ksana is another brand that has joined a initiative to show they have turned their focus to the sustainability of the brand, recognising the effects the brand has on the planet. Being apart of the 1% for the Planet alliance, Ksana donates 1% of sales to Environmental projects.

You can check out the full range of watches from Ksana at ksana.co.uk

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