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Sir Tile Socks

Inspiration can come from anywhere. When speaking to designers, artists even authors they always talk about their 'muse', what gives them inspiration for their idea and a few have an incredible story which resulted them getting inspiration from the most unexpected places. Fashion brand Sir Tile Socks are one brand who found themselves in this category, well especially from an outsider looking into the brand... but can you guess what their muse was?

Sir Tile Socks brings apart of Portuguese culture to their socks, using a design that dates back to the noughties decade, transforming the infamous Portuguese Tiles into a sock design. Speaking to the brand as to why they decided upon these designs they told us, 'As locals, who always lived in the city centre, we have witnessed the systematic disappearance of tiles, sacrificed to new urbanist trends. We felt that we should do something to preserve the tiles cultural identity, allowing the patterns to survive their creators'. Which enables the brand to have a connected consumer already. They will also appeal to those who have visited these areas or similar, seeing these designs and wearing them will be sure to bring back a sense of nostalgia.

Sir Tile is a Family owned sock company, based in Oporto the brand are proud of the tourism rise the city has seen. Something that benefitted the brands owners, 'Tourists started to discover downtown and started visiting our family's retail store attracted by our socks'. This led the brand to come to their unique yet incredibly effective marketing campaign something the brand are keen to speak about, 'This context was the starting point for us to create an unique sales campaign, in which socks would pop-up as a souvenir "Made in Portugal", still without no graphic allusion to tiles, but as product manufactured locally and representative of our industrial sub-culture'.

The socks quickly became a part of the tourists map with them being seeked out as a part of Portugal for the visitors to take home with them. Its clear to see the brand had noticed this, talking about the window display they created, 'Our shop window display featured a suitcase full of socks, framed by postcards written in different languages, extending the beauty of our town. There it was: a different way for travellers to surprise their loved ones and friends by offering them socks Made in Porto!'

Sir Tiles Socks certainly gives consumers the feeling of Portugal, wherever they are in the world. It's something other than a magnet, a tote bag and even postcards and its something that is stylish.

You can shop the full range of Sir Tile over at Sir Tile Socks.