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Something that I have seen a big move towards over the past 2/3 years is how much the fashion industry is doing to help the planet, whether their efforts are to fight climate change, or to ethically source their raw materials to make sure the everyone is getting a fair pay. There is one brand that has taking this movement to a whole new level bag brand SIRENA.

SIRENA bag has a strong planet positive motivation behind it with there latest collection prominently showcasing the hashtag #SavingOurPlanetOneBagAtATime with the brand also boasting proudly being a sponsor of 'The Big Blue Ocean Clean up' With proceeds from every sale from the brand going towards helping to fund the clean up of coastline and oceans.

Another 'planet positive' action taken by the bag brand is their upcoming Christmas range. The full range showcases cruelty free - vegan hand bags. Once again proceeds from each sale goes to helping 'The Big Ocean Clean Up'. The collection is currently exclusively available to purchase via Kickstarter (, With the brand saying, 'This allows customers to discover this new brand and pledge for one of the 4key styles at a special pre-sale price'.

Speaking about how the brand came about the brand said, 'Research estimates that 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year. The prediction is that by mid-century, the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish. SIRENA (The Italian word for Mermaid) was born from this, the idea behind the brand was to create a luxury product to generate a greater awareness about sustainability whilst creating desire'. The Brand has a very European feel to it, with the Design team based in London, Founder Tessa Podda Originally from Switzerland and the design assistance Alice Valfré from Italy. Just those three elements along bring a lot of historical fashion history to the table.

SIRENA boats a wide range of stunning hand bag collections crated by local artisans in Italy. All using buttery soft 100% organic cactus leather, with the linings made with a solvent free PU suede from recycled post-consumer PET plastic. Everything about this brand just screams sustainability. This is without a doubt a business model many more brand should and will follow in the coming years.

You can shop the full range from SIRENA over at now! You can also shop some of the brands bags in the HINTON Shop