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Skincare that inspires you to live a healthier, happier, more active life

We always looking to improve our skincare regime, whether it be changing your products or using less products, until you find that brand or that product that works for you its a lot of trial and error when finding the perfect products to use, well Albus and Flora could be that brand, a brand that isn't just for your skin but for your lifestyle too.

Albus and Flora create high performance modern active skincare products. the brand boasts award winning natural skincare, blends pure botanical's with modern UV filters to create a Luxurious product, that helps to hydrate and protect again premature ageing, which lets face it we all are trying to find a brand that is going to help us keep our skin looking young for as long as possible.

Founder Rachel Williams is a Acclimatisation expert, physiologist and has a background in the pharmaceutical industry, finds herself in a unique advantage of understanding how the skins reacts and adapts to environmental change over time, enabling her to put her brand right at the front of the market competing with some of the biggest brands out there. Passionate about the health and well being of people Williams, has created a product range that helps the skin become more resilient, enabling it to react any environmental changes more positively, a big factor in keeping your skin looking young.

The skincare brand boasts a Multi active lip balm range, with 5 different shades; Snowberry Red, Naked Flora, Sheer Flora, Nude Flora and Mountain Rose which are all made with natural botanical's. The beeswax based lip balms, absorb into the lips to deeply nourish and hydrate the area, leaving a long lasting protection. The range also provides broad spectrum, protection UVA|UVB SPF30 protection, meaning its suitable for all climate and even high altitude for when your conquering those mountains! They even reduce the occurrence of cold sores and promoted the healing of damaged lips. The perfect lip balm right? You can get your hands on any of the collection over at