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Sleepwalk - Live in the Dream. A Hysterical Parody of Today’s Obsession with Self-Help Guides and a

... and a 9-Step Program of Self-Destruction to Find the Real You.

This hysterical and bold parody of today’s obsession with self-help guides sees author and psychologist Stephen Renwick take a savage and humorous inward look at his own failings whilst offering expert advice on how we can sort out our own issues

The fifth book from psychologist Stephen Renwick, Sleepwalk - Live in the Dream sees the author bare his soul and inadequacies from page one. But, far from a pity party, the reader is immersed in a humorous, genuine and self-depreciating read that offers a nine-step programme of support and top-tips for all those suffering with mental health, addictions, acceptance and commitment issues and even suicide.

Whilst other self-help tomes require skim-reading to get to the important bits, Stephen Renwick’s wordsmithing skills are such that in just 82 pages he offers the reader an authentic and psychologically informed way forward. His brevity also ensures that Live in the Dream will be dipped into time and time again. A self-help masterpiece that offers a chance to explore the real you.


Straddling both sides of the foul-line — over-educated psychologist on one side and hyper-competitive, fear-driven obsessive on the other — Stephen Renwick is an eminently qualified therapist. He will not only guide you on how to screw up your life, but more importantly, he will show you why. His latest gem — SLEEPWALK™ Live in the Dream — provides a detailed roadmap to multi-faceted personal ruin via clear steps, real-world testimony, hot tips, and inspirational quotes. This tome leaves no stone unturned to leave no life unscathed. Savage in approach, the author’s mock 9-step program is a punchy, dark, and unrelentingly irreverent parody of the self-help genre. Yet, as hysterical as it is pseudo-smart, the humour is entirely at the writer’s expense. At its heart, this is a confessional. That is what makes this assault so touching. Few could be so honest. Fewer could be so funny whilst being so honest. Whether you are confronting your own demons and seek some perspective or are simply looking for an opportunity to laugh at the mistakes of another, or both, this book is a smart celebration of irony, wit, insight, and humility that will leave the reader feeling better for the experience. And you can trust Renwick on this; he’s a psychologist.

Receiving five-star reviews, Amazon readers say:

“I have to say this book is brilliant! So ridiculously funny! I was laughing out loud, so much so, that the table next to me at the cafe today must have thought I should have been carted off in straight jacket!….. Then to be sobered by genuine, profound and honest instructions on how to sort out/my life was just amazing!!!! … I love that this author, they just allow you to explore yourself, and capture the essence of the true self sprinkled with a dark, dry, silly humour which you just cannot help but fall in love with!!! MORE PLEASE!!!” – Lady Liliana HC

“Sleepwalk is a very good book, it made me laugh and laugh again! The irony and whit is just brilliant! It made me think about how I was living and what’s most important to me now. Recommend for the humour!” – Lai Zhang

“Totally surprised me. I’ve not seen anything like it. It’s so consistently sarcastic that you quickly get to know what’s “in character” and what’s real. I had a blast reading it.” – Steve French

Independently published, Sleepwalk -Live in the Dream. A 9-Step program of Self-Destruction is available in paperback (£9.99) and audio and Kindle formats on Amazon at, and respectively


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