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Soltys Label

Knowing what clothing brand aligns to you in 2023 is huge. With the market so vast now you have much more of a choice and you can search for a brand that not only fits your style but also your ethics. A fashion label that certainly has caught many people attention on both style and ethics is Soltyslabel, a brand that doesn't just design and create truly stunning garments but one that also has planet earth and sustainability at its core.

The Australian based brand was founded by designer Cate Caldis. Cate says Soltyslabel 'is the result of mindful work, based around respecting raw materials of the earth' immediately connecting the brand to the planet will attract so many customers however it isnt just this Cate does to show her passion about the planet and her brands connection to sustainability. The brand also goes on to say, 'A collection based around 100% natural cottons and linens. Every piece is created mindfully through sustainable handmade practices. Inspired by the raw materials from which it is made' showing their creative practices live up to the expectation of the brands ethical policy.

Just by looking at the brands presence on their website and their other channels you get an instant feel about the brand its a feeling of calm, relaxed and luxury. The designs of the garments are all 'hand dyed and sewn in house personally by Cate as ritual practice, and take 1-2 days to complete' connecting the customer to the brands owner will just add another element of warmness to the brand. As a customer you know the brand truly cares about its products all the way from the top. Whilst talking about their products the brand says, 'Everything created under the brand is considered a timeless art piece, and so we choose to uphold that in every aspect' and thats something you can really see is the case each piece is so elegantly showcase and the designs are utterly beautiful.

Soltyslabel considers life to be a combination of rituals. The ritual of dressing has the potential to direct the presence of our human attention in a generative direction. Creating more awareness, more simplicity, and more depth within the human experience. - Soltyslabel.

This is a brand with a true connection to the planet and to life and this is something it's customers will certainly resonate with with. They've built them self to sustain as a community a brand people can trust and its one which will help them grow. By not limiting themselves to seasonal based releases the brand completely owns its own identity and its one people respect and one that people will buy into.

You can shop the full range from Soltyslabel right now over at You can also find them on social media; Instagram