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Speak in over 50 languages - Vasco Mini 2 For A Connected World

Meet the latest, state-of-the-art voice translator! Vasco Mini 2 is here to help you communicate around the world in over 50 languages – it doesn’t matter that you don’t speak any of them. Use Vasco Mini 2 and make new friends anywhere, anytime.

Forget all those heavy, paperback phrasebooks and dictionaries. The revolution has come. Vasco Mini 2 hears what you’re saying, translates it into the chosen language and pronounces the translation out loud – just like a native speaker would. Vasco Mini 2 has been hailed as the world’s best translator due to its 96% accuracy, immediate translations, easy interface and handy size. It fits into any pocket. Its easy operation allows you to use it straight after taking it out of the box.

Ever needed to ask for directions in a dofferent country,  ordered food or tried to have an important business meeting?. We’ve all been there… the awkward silence, nodding and hand moving. Don’t panic the Vasco Mini 2 knocks down all language barriers, no matter who you're talking with.

Simply choose your language and the language you want to speak, press the button and say what you want to say. Vasco Mini 2 will immediately recognize it, translate and pronounce it out loud in a easy manner.  Vasco Mini 2 is as simple and intuitive as possible. Just two buttons make it easy to use. There’s no need for configuration. Just take it out of the box and start speaking in over 50 languages straight away.Other translators on the market require you to buy data or connect to the Internet to translate precisely. The Vasco Mini 2 does it for free in over 150 countries with it's built in sim card with free internet.What’s more, Vasco Mini 2 is the ONLY translator in the world that can connect to 5 different translation engines and choosing the best one depending on the language pair, uses its own servers in 5 continents in order to provide immediate translation and is supported by our customer service in your local language and in your country.

Vasco Mini 2 is constantly being developed and improved. Updates are free and direct to your device through its in-built sim with free internet.The Vasco Mini 2  Translator costs £259 from Vasco-Electronics


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