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Stabbed in the Back: Raw Memoir Exposes Dangers of Epidural at Childbirth.

Dinara Farina’s ‘Stabbed in the Back: Arachnoiditis: The childbirth I didn't expect’ takes readers on a walk alongside the author; through her hopes and dreams after emigrating from Russia to London, to the “routine” childbirth that changed her life forever. Dinara was one of thousands of women who experience disabling pain after epidural, caused by Arachnoiditis – a condition that is mostly misunderstood by the medical world. Her book is part autobiography and part clarion call to new mothers everywhere – raising vital awareness and sharing positive advice for a medical mystery, so often swept under the rug.

After arriving in the UK from Russia in 2009, Dinara Farina looked forward to continuing her successful IT career and starting a family. She never expected to be a global advocate for Arachnoiditis, a pain disorder caused by the inflammation of the arachnoid. Like thousands of other mothers each year, Dinara first felt the pain of Arachnoiditis following an epidural administered during the birth of her child. Diagnosis was slow, and Dinara’s doctors missed their opportunity to treat the condition at the source. In her new book, ‘Stabbed in the Back: Arachnoiditis: The childbirth I didn't expect’, Dinara puts a positive spin on the condition to share her life story with others, as well as offer actionable, practical advice to new mothers facing the same risks. Synopsis: Strap yourself in …The astonishing true story of medical Arachnoiditis. “It’s impossible not to think of Henry Marsh’s super-selling Do No Harm”– Positive TV A beautiful young woman with big dreams and a great career in IT emigrates from Russia to London, falls in love, marries, and goes to the hospital to have her first baby, a happy and healthy little girl. It’s a modern-day fairy tale come true, until…she is rocked by pain unlike any she has experienced. She tells her husband, her family, her doctors, but no one believes her. The doctors do tests – but nothing. When she persists, they tell her it is all in her head – that she is making it up, that she is a stressed-out new mum, that she is losing it. Broken down, eventually she starts to believe them, questioning her own sanity, suffering beyond belief... But she’s not insane – and nor are they. The hospital has been hiding something. Her medical records have been falsified. And so her investigative journey begins. Is she is uncovering one of the most shocking medical cover-ups of the 21st Century? If you are an expectant mother-to-be, or have experienced unexplained pain ever since childbirth, this book is a must read. “The medical error I became victim to robbed me of my hopes and dreams in my new home country,” explains the author. “But now I’m committed to educating others about informed consent in medicine, and raising global awareness for Arachnoiditis so professionals can work toward finding better treatments and a cure. What happened to me was bad, but I’m passionate about spinning it positively to help other women everywhere.” Continuing, “The words “epidural” and “Arachnoiditis” need to be synonymous. The book has already received wonderful feedback and I’m so excited to continue spreading my message and educating people so the happiest day of their life can remain exactly that.” Reviews have been extremely positive. Forest Tennant, M.D., Dr.P.H. writes, “Dinara has captured the essence of problems that have been ignored for far too long. Every woman needs to know that adhesive arachnoiditis is a risk with an epidural anaesthetic injection that is given for childbirth.” Jo P. adds, “Dinara manage to weave her own life story into a painful and challenging account of childbirth, highlighting a largely unknown side effect of epidurals. I hope this book manages to raise the profile of arachnoiditis and even more, I wish the author well in her own journey. A brave and courageous memoir.” ‘Stabbed in the Back: Arachnoiditis: The childbirth I didn't expect’ is available now: https://amzn.to/3dLWvrO.

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