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Styling out your home during the Lockdown

Since we're all not going out because of the lockdown, why not instead of styling yourself, style your home. We're spending all of our time at home these days so why not style up your home during the lockdown.? It's the perfect time and we've picked out a few things to help you out!

One of the main things in a home is the sofa... the couch... the lounger... whatever you call it its got to be comfortable for those lazy Netflix watching afternoons and we believe we've found one that's comfy and stylish. Your lounge will never be the same when you get The Casper Sofa from Sweetpea & Willow is the ideal sofa, offering a classic and sophisticated look with the band of bass truly making the art-deco design piece. This could be in your home from just £1,230.00. Without a doubt it'll be the topic of conversation for those post lockdown dinner parties . Whether if for the lounge or you chill out room this should be on your shopping list, head over to Sweetpea & Willow now and get your delivered to your home within 8 weeks.

One thing that has been positive during out quarantine times is the weather, beautiful sunshine and warm temperature means you can get outside and soak in some rays. Now forget lying on a towel on the floor we've got something a million time better and a million times more stylish.

This super stylish outdoor sofa set and gas fire pit / coffee table from Moda Furnishing is a must have. Imagine the garden parties you will be hosting this summer, everyone will want to come over. The set featuring a 3 seater sofa costs £2,845.00 but worth every penny. Without a doubt being the centre piece of any garden, bringing a modern feel. You'll still be going long after the suns gone down with the gas fire pit in the middle of the coffee table proving the light and warm in to those early hours of the next day. - Get your Primo 10 - with 3 seat sofa set, gas fire pit coffee table and bench now over at Moda Furnishings.

Lets head back inside now and something we can all use when were working from home is a stylish work station, somewhere you can sit at whilst replying to those emails or working on your business and we've got one that's not only a sleek design but also, you guessed it... stylish. This desk from Juliettes interiors brings that classy feel to any office or lounge. The Modern Emperador Marble Desk offers a contemporary design with its marble top and shelf will be the striking feature in any room of the house. You can get your hands on one for just £1,930.00. Why not head over to Juliettes interiors now and get yourself delivered right to your door.

Now to those fine details, from Bath towels & robes to bed throws, all of these are an huge impacting factor on how in style a room can be and what you wear when your home also matters, never forget this.

Bathroom towels, they've got to be three things, 100% Cotton, Have a soft / fluffy feel and be absorbent and the House towel bundle from Soho Home offers your exactly that. The six piece set includes 2 x House Bath Sheets, 2 x House Hand Towels, extra large and 2 x House Face Cloths and you can get a set today for just £157.00. One thing to remember when it comes to being stylish is that you have to feel it too. If you just look it people wont believe it, they wont believe its the real you. So why not start from before you even put clothes on. Why not start from the moment you step out of your morning shower. These towels will give you that edge, they will give you the feel. Why not head over to Soho home now and get your self a set of the House Towel Bundle.

This would just be the start of the overhaul of your home. Remember to put character in what you choose, make it you but keep it stylish.

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