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Sustainability at Taipei Fashion Week

#DAMUR Damur Huang founded high-end streetwear label #DAMUR in Berlin in 2015, won the 2019/20 AW PREMIUM Young Talents Award in 2019. In June 2020, #DAMUR started #kiosk project and showcased in Berlin Fashion Week and Taipei Fashion Week. On the SS22 #kiosk 2.0 collection, the designer continuous his concern on the pandemic and the global climate changes.

This year, the show runs live from the busiest Ximen station and ends in Shongshan station for public viewing.The design concept surround with upcycling the animal prints, the zebra and leopard prints are made by secondhand and upcycled fabrics, and the silhouettes using bold Berliner cut-outs and catchy topped underwear to recreate the new normal look.The showcases of a regular day of commuting in Taipei is #DAMUR’s way to interpret: even we are caged by the pandemic, we never given up on dressed up, not even in transit. Claudia Wang The central theme for Claudia Wang SSS 22 focused on expressing that although the fragility of life remains unchanged, there is freedom in breaking through these shackles with art, fashion and technology, imagining and creating a beautiful and better future. A blend of classic ballet and hip hop symbolize the spectrum of two very different genres. Through the fusion and juxtaposition of color and line symbols, the collection aims to showcase the concept of freedom and surrealism.

The showcase is the first time Taipei Fashion Week sees physical and virtual models on the same stage. The show featured 30 looks of physical clothing and 12 looks of virtual designs presented in a dynamic and immersive experience that combined the traditional fashion show with a virtual reality world constructed through 3D virtual technology. As an advocate for sustainability in fashion, Claudia Wang has made a personal commitment to her work, this collection and the upcoming show to hold a central focus on environmental issues. From environmentally friendly design processes and fabric dying, reduced tailoring and use of specific sustainable techniques for pattern placement and typography, Claudia Wang has balanced the sustainable creation of fashion whilst maintaining the artistic focus and value.

DOUCHANGLEE DOUCHANGLEE SS22 series inspired by Natural Flows . Inspired by light, shadow , cloud and the flowing air, DOUCHANGLEE create a modern, simple silhouette using spherical tailoring, streamlined and recycled fibers to create comfort looks. The designer duo present the concept of flow between light and shadow, mixing the bright silk fabric and matte cotton, using natural material combine with coating, to create light weight and modern elegance. DOUCHANGLEE SS22, using the well-controlled texture to conform our needs for comfy and sustainability. JENN LEE JENN LEE joins Taipei Fashion Week this season at Xinsheng Viaduct Skatepark to celebrate and showcase SS 22 with her signature street style. Inspired by the Oriental philosophy of "constant changes in the universe", the show uses psychedelic elements to convey the concept of "Live in the moment“. The collection is a deeply personal as it reflects the changes in JENN LEE’s new chapter as a mother and discovers what this new journey means to her and continues to strive to empower women to honor themselves and embrace their individuality and wild side. JENN LEE continue her recycling method from last collections using leftover stock fabric and yarns derived from recycled plastic bottles, and has also found new ways to up-cycle denim to keep sustainability as the core of the brand, expressing her environmental protection creativity. Story Wear This season Story Wear chose Taipei Fashion Week to showcase their SS22 collection entitled “ATOMS & COAST”. The brand worked alongside artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds to create this collection which was made entirely from 100% upcycled textiles to align with the Story Wear’s firm beliefs on zero waste fashion, sustainability and environmental consciousness. This collection was inspired by the work of filmmaker, Chi Po-Lin and in particular a collection of images which recorded the incredible beauty of Taiwan’s coastline but also the damages caused by relentless human activity; Story Wear successfully reimagined Chi Po-lin’s works to create new totems, prints and designs for this season. Story Wear not only seeks to raise awareness of fashion’s environmental impact, but also to communicate its core ethos – Upcycle Design with Social Impact. They continue to inspire the rest of the world, little by little, into believing that it is never too late for change, and that the world can always strive to be a better place.