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Taiwanese designer Claudia Wang shake up Taipei Fashion Week with first of its kind virtual and phys

...with first of its kind virtual and physical showcase

The unique viewing experience was presented in Taipei 101’s immersive space, AMBI SPACE ONE

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Claudia Wang, designer and brand, is back at Taipei Fashion Week this year to showcase the 2022 Spring and Summer collection with the eclectic theme “Life is a bitch, and I’m swimming in it”. The central theme focused on expressing that although the fragility of life remains unchanged, there is freedom in breaking through these shackles with art, fashion and technology, imagining and creating a beautiful and better future. The solo exhibition was presented in the immersive multifunctional exhibition space, AMBI SPACE ONE, located on the fifth floor of Taipei 101. It is the first time Taipei Fashion Week sees physical and virtual models on the same stage. The show features 30 sets of physical clothing designs and 12 sets of virtual clothing designs. With over five years’ experience and investment in fashion and art technology, Claudia Wang is creating a dynamic and immersive show-watching experience that will combine the traditional fashion show experience with a virtual reality world constructed through 3D virtual technology. The special experience includes distinct music interpretation by senior music creator, Lin Qiang, who will be forming and creating the show’s music live. Special guests also include former AKB48 girl group member, model and Japanese goddess Abe Marie, who will walk the runway modeling two of the show designs. As an advocate for sustainability in fashion, Claudia Wang has made a personal commitment to her work, this collection hold a central focus on environmental issues. From environmentally friendly design processes and fabric dying, reduced tailoring and use of specific sustainable techniques for pattern placement and typography, Claudia Wang has balanced the sustainable creating of fashion whilst maintaining the artistic focus and value. Having participated in the citizen forest group fundraising plan of the Good World Exchange, sustainability is a passion close to the heart. The show will feature forest trees to echo the creative concept with each guest able to participate in planting a sapling. Finally, the concept of this collection adopts a blend of classic ballet and hip hop to symbolize the spectrum of the two different genres. Through the fusion and juxtaposition of color and line symbols, it shows the concept of freedom and surrealism. Similar to Zhuangzi’s “The Butterfly Dream" who dreams of becoming a butterfly. After waking up, he found that he was still Zhuangzi. He couldn’t figure out whether he had become the butterfly of Zhuangzi or that Zhuangzi had became the butterfly in his dream. Through Zhuangzi's butterflies, this series swims in reality and illusion, breaking down the walls of class and releasing different colors. About the designer: Born in France, Taiwanese designer Claudia Wang grew up surrounded by creativity in a family full of artists. Investing in the craft, Claudia Wang graduated from the Department of Practical Fashion Design as well as earned her Master of Interactive Design from the Taipei University of Technology. Claudia Wang, the brand, was created in 2019 and formally established as a design company in 2021. Winning the attention of VOGUE International and VOGUE Taiwan, Claudia Wang has successful integrated her passion for art aesthetics and virtual technology with clothing design and sustainable fashion practice. Instagram: Facebook: