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The Alcatel smartphone is here

Alcatel has released a range of premium, yet affordable smartphones this summer including the sleek and stylish Alcatel 3 2019. With the phone being at such an affordable price point of £149.99, it makes it perfect for that 'Back to School' mobile parents are probably stressing about getting their kid next week.

Alcatel conducted research to look into the financial pressures parents feel when looking to buy their kid's first smartphone ahead of the new school year. The research highlighted that 64.1% of parents feel the expense of technology contributes to the financial pressure of sending kids back to school. (The survey was conducted by Alcatel in August 2019.)

The Alcatel 3 2019, released this summer, boasts premium technology and design but all for an affordable price - perfect for parents who are not looking to break the bank this year on a new smartphone.  That first smartphone to get them started for secondary school can be expensive - but Alcatel has got you covered. 

The ALCATEL 3 (2019) Priced at £149.99 is High gloss, high impact, there's no ignoring the sleek premium design of the Alcatel 3.The stunning OMBRE shine of its finish, curved unibody and

2.5D glass will help you stand out from the pack.

Be sure you dont miss out of this incredible phone head over to


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