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The Artwear Emporium

A brand that was founded through listening. We all speak to our friends at some point about the clothes we wear, whether you're telling them about the great top you brought the other day or the online sizing fail, where those trousers turned up 2 sizes too small. Now imagine that friend you're talking to constantly had these type of conversations with different friends... they'd get bored of it right? Well this wasn't the case for the founder of fashion brand The Artwear Emporium, Amy Jones, as she used this as motivation to launch her own brand.

Amy Jones, founded The Artwear Emporium in 2012, as a result of conversations she was regularly having with women that 'were tired of high street fashion'. Amy says they would struggle to find garments that they liked and would fit and flatter their body shapes, whilst being available in various colours and quality fabrics.

On starting to begin looking at launching her brand, her initial plan was to launch small limited edition collections, which would have had its attraction instantly. Founder Amy then decided she would go down the bespoke route instead as this would mean she could create garments for individuals. Making sure each piece is what the client wants and is fitted to them specifically.

There are many benefits to being a bespoke designer like Amy is. One of them is the ethically conscious side of things, so things like the wastage. By being bespoke you only use material that is required, you aren't making something that won't sell because it has already been ordered. You know the materials you use are going to be worn and not wasted. As we often say, making your brand a sustainable practice in 2020 is a must for a brand to survive long term. Amy says, 'I have always made a point of using natural fabrics and I often source end of line fabrics at competitive prices. However, since going to The Future Fabrics Expo in London in January 2019 and being a featured designer at The Northern Sustainable Fashion Week in April 2019, I have started looking more closely at the fabrics I buy and into the complexities of fabric manufacture'. Showing how a brand can adapt its practices to become more ethically conscious with the fabrics they use. This is really great to see from a brand, it's all about learning and adopting and adapting and that's how you grow a business as well as Amy has done with The Artwear Emporium.

The Artwear Emporium has designed all different garments from bags to tops and even wedding dresses. It truly is a place you could go to for an outfit for any occasion. They have even produced menswear too. Head over to now and check out the services they offer!


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