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The best cities for loved up tenants looking to rent together

The latest research from the international rental marketplace, Spotahome, has revealed which cities provide the best offering for loved up tenants looking to rent together.

Spotahome analysed available rental stock across 14 European cities and looked at which was home to the most abundant level of rental homes classified as ‘perfect for couples’ as a percentage of all rental stock listed in the city.

While romance may not immediately spring to mind when you think of Porto, the city is home to the highest level of rental accommodation that’s perfect for those looking to live with that special someone. 61.2% of all rental stock in the city is listed as being perfect for couples, making it the top rental spot for loved up renters looking to rent across Europe.

However, if you’re more of an old romantic, then Florence and Paris also boast a large proportion of rental stock suited for couples. At 44.9% and 42.3% respectively, both cities offer a great opportunity to find a Valentine’s Day rental property for you and your significant other.

Brussell’s, London and Rome also rank high with between 39.7% and 42.1% of all rental stock listed designated as being perfect for couples.

Bad news for those looking to rent together in Valencia though, with just 20.8% of rental stock listed as being perfect for couples, it offers the lowest chance of finding that perfect love nest.

Dublin (28%) and Vienna (30.2%) are also home to some of the lowest rental stock levels for couple perfect properties.

Spotahome Head of Data and Analytics, Jorge Alonso, commented:

“Life is generally better when you’re sharing it with someone you love and this is no different when it comes to the rental market. For many, moving in with their loved one is a big step and can test a relationship, but it also comes with a whole host of benefits.

Not only do you have someone to share the workload with in terms of cooking, cleaning and so on, but it can also help elevate the financial burden of renting. As a result, those moving to a city together have a far better chance of finding their ideal rental property, as they are able to stretch their budget which often means a bigger home in a better location.

Most importantly, moving to a new city with someone else means you immediately have someone to share your time with which helps combat loneliness. This is one aspect of living in the rental market that has grown in importance of late with the spread of Covid, and restrictions around mixing households and movement outside of them.”

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