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HM Visits: The Bluejays - Rave-On!

If you're ready to be taken back in time and experience some of the greatest music ever made then the 'Rave-On' tour from The Bluejays is just the show for you.

I had the pleasure to be invited along to the 'Rave-On' tour in my local town and I wasn't left disappointed. I first came across the Rock 'N' Roll tribute band - The Bluejays over half a decade ago. A lover of the greatest era for music The Bluejays gave me a chance to listen to some of my favourite songs live.

2022 saw the launch of their brand new tour, named after Buddy Holly's iconic track 'Rave-On' offers the audience a chance to do just that! The crowd was of the older generations, with many of them listening to this music for the first time during their youth, I wasn't expecting the audience to be filled with teenagers. The enjoyment the life this music and The Bluejays brought to these people was magical and extremely heartwarming to watch.

Formed in 2012 over the last 10 years The Bluejays have seen different members leave and new ones joined. The current band features; leading Man - Ollie Seymour March who was there on the evening with his incredible vocals featured in the majority of the tracks sung on the evening. Dan Graham who's a drummer for the band, Dan is someone who I am familiar with linked to the band, the founder of the band but unfortunately he wasn't there during my visit. Jack McGaughey was a standout name from the show, an 'Authentic' American offering the band their very own Killer 'Jerry Lee Lewis'. Offering the band to be able to feature some iconic female artists in their show Amelia Rendell certainly does the music justice. Beautifully and powerfully projected she certainly completes the show. Other members of the band include; Dan Crisculo on guitar and Nick Player on the double bass, both of whom bring that authentic rock 'n' roll tone to the music.

The show features some of the biggest rock 'n' roll hits from the 50's & the 60's from the USA and the UK. Featuring tracks from artists including (but not limited to); Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Connie Francis, Jerry Lee Lewis & of the course the artist of the track with the namesake... Buddy Holly.

Between the band members they in depth talk through the history of the music and the artists. Explaining where the music came from how it developed and spoke about its affect across the world.

I would highly recommend this show, those that love the music and those who love a great time this show is the show for you. It takes you back to a time where music changed for the first time, Ollie and the band without a doubt do the legends of the era justice and they are giving you the chance to relive the jive.

... Rave on!

To learn more about The Bluejays or to book Tickets to the Rave On Tour head to their official Website.

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