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The Dangerous TikTok Beauty Hacks You Should NOT Try

Millions of people try TikTok hacks daily, but some can be extremely dangerous. From skincare to makeup to hair, these hacks gain millions of views but some you absolutely should not try due to how dangerous they can be. Waleed Taleb aesthetician at Vera Clinic has revealed the most dangerous TikTok beauty trends you should NOT try.

Sun Cream Contouring:

It is no secret that wearing suncream is hugely important when it comes to protecting our skin. However, a new viral trend on TikTok is seeing women using the sun's powerful rays to naturally contour their face by applying sunscreen only to certain areas or applying different SPF factors on some areas of the face and under her cheekbones. This is so the cheekbones develop a deeper tan due to less protection from the sun. Although this appears to be a clever idea, once those tan lines fade you can be left with more permanent skin damage, which presents at a later age and is not easy to reverse.

Homemade Face Treatments:

DIY skincare treatments are popular on TikTok due to how much money can be saved and how easy they are to make. From homemade face masks with natural yoghurt to DIY coffee face scrubs and exfoliators, there are many to try. Although exfoliating is an important part of a skincare routine, it’s not a great idea to use natural exfoliants such as coffee and sugar. For example, the viral TikTok trend of using coffee grounds as a face scrub can be damaging and irritating for your skin due to its abrasive and harsh texture, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Toothpaste Spot Treatment:

Many people have tried putting toothpaste on spots after seeing this on TikTok, but in fact it can actually make the spot look worse! Toothpaste can cause a chemical burn, or a nasty rash; Your skin could feel sore for days afterwards, so make sure to use trusted skincare products instead of toothpaste!

Scalp Popping:

This next trend is so dangerous TikTok has issued a warning against it under the hashtag #scalppopping. The trend involves pulling the hair so hard you pop the galea off of the skull that you create a popping sound. Hair transplant specialist at Vera Clinic, Dr Gokhan Vayni said "it can cause bleeding on the scalp and sores on your head. The ‘popping’ sound you hear is the galea aponeurotica (soft tissue between your scalp and skull) popping off your skull", he added.

Face Slugging:

Slugging involves covering your face with Vaseline overnight to hydrate your skin. However, this can result in clogging your pores and locking in dirt and oil. It may clog pores if you have oily or acne-prone skin, and is not recommended.

DIY Eyebrow Tint:

Dying your eyebrows at home is a normal beauty regime but recently some TikTok users have been using beard dye to tint their brows. However, this can actually be dangerous because it can lead to blistering, rashes and if it gets in your eye it can result in blindness. Avoid at all costs!


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