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The Fallen: New Novel a Blistering Sci-Fi Fantasy “Epic” – 30 Years in the Making!

Mark Ashbury’s ‘The Fallen’ is volume one of the engrossing ‘Book of Souls’ saga – as one young woman fights to reclaim her home and her birthright. She enlists the help of ex-bomb disposal experts, catapulting the entire cast into an unforgettable fantasy adventure unlike anything else on the market. And even more impressive, Ashbury first started piecing the narrative together over three decades ago.

While many gave up their routines and felt hopeless during the Covid-19 lockdown, Mark Ashbury switched his 9-5 away from the fire and security industry, and finally embraced his dream of being a writer.

And his immense efforts paid off, as Ashbury publishes ‘The Fallen’ – a truly cinematic sci-fi fantasy novel that is the product of 30 years’ creativity.


Lalitha’s father, King Lestri has been killed, but before the traitors captured her, she managed to escape from the royal palace with the Book of Souls, a magical artifact that contains an ancient power. Transported by the Book to a strange and unfamiliar land, Lalitha must enlist the aid of a group of damaged ex-soldiers to try and get her home and reclaim her birthright.

Captain Tom McAllister and his team of ex-bomb disposal experts find themselves drawn into an epic adventure and, in order to help Lalitha, they will be forced to battle foes both familiar and extraordinary. Tom and his team will be tested beyond the limits of their experience as they travel across a foreign land and fight against the powers of tyranny.

Their adventure will leave nothing unchanged…

“When furloughed, I decided it was time to finally take action on the book I’d been writing since the 1990s,” explains the author. “I spent most of June, July and August in our summerhouse writing, and credit this for keeping my mental health strong during a period in which many suffered. It was also great to be writing something so creative, after a career spent crafting technical and sales documentation!”

Continuing, “I’d encourage anyone to grab hold of their dreams and drag them into reality. For all of the negatives the pandemic has brought, it has given many people a bit more free time, and a unique headspace in which to create and try something new. I’m so pleased to finally have this book published, and there’s more to come!”

Reviews have been glowing. Michelle writes, “This book was just what I needed at the moment in the depths of UK lockdown - complete escapism and edge of your seat action from the start. A joy to read and got me really invested in the characters, story and the world of Zakastra. Smashed the whole thing in one weekend - it's been a long time since I read a book that quickly. Hurry up now with Volume Two........I don't want to read anything else :)”

Rory adds, “Absolutely incredible. So well written you can hardly believe that it's a debut. All of the character development felt genuine and grounded in reality. The world building of zakastra was beautiful. All round a fantastic book with plenty of fantasy for the nerds and plenty of action to keep you turning the pages. Don't think I can praise this book enough, I can't wait for the next one!”

‘The Fallen’ is available now:

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