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The first new podcast from the house of the guilty feminist

WEEKLY FROM 25 th Nov (Season 1: 10 episodes)


House of The Guilty Feminist is delighted to present a brand-new podcast designed to tackle the thorny issue of 'Right of Reply’ in journalism. Media Storm is part of the Acast Creator Network.

Seeking a multidimensional counterpoint to the media cycle, Media Storm is a news podcast that starts with the people who are normally asked last. Brought to you by the team behind The Guilty Feminist, and presented by journalists Helena Wadia and Mathilda Mallinson, Media Storm hands the mic to people with lived experience to shed new light on old stories and roast the headlines that love to roast them.

In a digital era of instant news, the journalism industry faces an existential crisis. Wrestling with saturated attention spans, fake news factories and mutating business models, it's become harder and less of a priority for reporters to venture beyond the newsroom.

But rule number one is being forgotten: right of reply— for everyone. And too often, the very real people caught in the eye of the media storm are not actually asked to comment. “Migrants”, “criminals”, “sex workers”, “transgender people”, “disabled people”, “rough sleepers” “drug users”... these are some of the biggest stars of our headlines, yet we rarely hear about the issues that matter to them. Instead, their lives, experiences and sometimes their very existence get put up for 'debate'. Without equal say, ‘freedom of speech’ - a banner readily wielded by the purveyors of clickbait and stokers of fiery discourse - is just a bullhorn for the privileged.

It’s time for those who are reported on to report back.

Each 35-minute episode of Media Storm has two distinct parts: an immersive investigative report with just a touch of true-crime, and a roasting of relevant recent headlines (featuring some very special guests who bring their lived experience to the studio: see ‘notes to editors’ below).

Quote from The Guilty Feminist's Deborah Frances-White:

“If you';ve lost some of your faith in journalism, Mathilda and Helena are out to restore it. When they told me that they were frustrated by the way that the 24-hour news cycle & staff cuts had eroded the integrity of many hard-working journalists – I wanted to help them do something about it. It was the first thing that I felt that The House of the Guilty Feminist

simply must do. 

Their youth, joy, energy, spirit, compassion and humanity brings each story to life in a way speaks to the engagement that Guilty Feminist listeners expect. It's a privilege to get in their car every week and join them on the trail, as they introduce us to people we need to know and hear from and reveal truths to us that will change the way we think, make us question what we're told and, I hope, change the way we act and advocate.”


Mathilda Mallinson is a multimedia journalist who has reported for The Guardian, The Independent, Financial Times, Evening Standard, Guilty Feminist and more. Specialising in human rights and immigration, she co-founded Refugee Media Centre and has worked in this capacity with the Radio 4’s Today Programme, Sky News and many international outlets to improve refugee representation in the press. Coming from a background in humanitarian aid, she co- founded and edited the activism platform People Who Do Things, and continues to direct humanitarian video campaigns, including for Choose Love and Amnesty International. @mathildamall

Helena Wadia is a multimedia journalist and presenter working across print, video and audio. She has previously worked for Evening Standard, London Live, Channel 5 News, BBC Asian Network, The Independent, NME and more. Helena has created extensive content that covers both the daily news cycle and distinct work on feminism, race issues, and social justice. She has appeared on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show, BBC News, BBC’s podcast Newscast, BBC London, Times Radio, Channel 4’s Inspiring Women panel, in the Huffington Post and more. @helenawadia


Thursday 25th November: El Dorado: Why do refugees 'love' the UK? 

Thursday 2nd December: Pandemic of hate: We need to talk about anti-Asian abuse 

Thursday 9th December: Rape justice: What happens to the 98%?

Thursday 16th December: Transgender healthcare: a waiting game

Thursday 23rd December: Homelessness (details TBC)

Thursday 13th January: Fatphobia: Healthcare by size

Thursday 20th January: Prison diaries: Can justice make the criminal?

Thursday 27th January: Ableism enabled: the loophole in equality law

Thursday 3rd February: Sex work (details TBC)

Thursday 10th February: Drugs (details TBC)


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