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The 'Good' Hotel - London

On Saturday 30th June we arrived at the 'Good Hotel' on the Royal Victoria Dock London. Staying just the one night we wanted to make sure this hotel was everything it promises and more. We arrived at the hotel around 12:00 on Saturday afternoon and with check in not till 15:00 we had time to kill. After looking at there food menu choices we decided to leave our bags (FOC) and head out to the local area to eat. We got back to the hotel around 13:00 so still 2 hours before check in and was understandably our room wasn't ready, so we headed to the roof top bar.

The roof to bar is probably the biggest assets for this hotel, with stunning views of the Royal Victoria dock and the surrounding area it was just the perfect surroundings. We decided to grab a drink at the bar and to my surprise my favorite gin was on the menu with a single costing £7.50 with tonic... Remember this is London prices!

We sat down on the comfortable hanging seats and just took it all. Everything about this bar was perfect we couldn't fault it, except the food options. Mostly panini's and sandwiches which isn't always to everyone's taste.

It got to around 13:45 and we headed back down stairs and to our surprise our room was ready. After the quick and easy check in we headed to our room on the first floor. It took us about 4-5 minute to find our room as we couldn't easily see the signs. When we got into our room first thoughts... Very snug. The room was as wide as the bed put half a foot space on each side. A Lot smaller than imagined. We did have a water view window although there was a lot of roof space between us and the water so it wasn't right on the water as we thought.

The room had all the amenities as stated when we booked. Including a Lamp and safe. The Lighting in the room was very unique but also very dusty. The bathrooms are very odd. There is one door for the toilet and bathroom there is no separation which means you either close the door whilst on the toilet or whilst in the show... you can't have both. The paint in the bathroom was slightly chipped off which didn't look good at all. The bed was very comfy and the temperature in the room was easy to adjust to preference.

The Hotel staff were very friendly. They were also very quick, trying out the intercom we requested for a hairdryer to be brought to the room and within 3 minutes it was there. The gentleman who check us in was always making sure things were okay and we was enjoying our stay 5 Stars for the staff.

A little history on the Hotel, It used to be a detention center in Holland. Nicknames 'The floating prison' it used to detain immigrants. After a major revamp and a re-location to London its now floating on the Royal Victoria dock where it will stay for 5 years before applying to stay longer or moving off to Australia or New York.

Overall this Hotel I feel was slightly over priced when it came down to the room but the staff and the roof top bar certainly made up for where the room was lacking.

Ratings 1-5 (1 being low 5 being 5)

Customer service: 5

Amenities/ facilities: 3.8

Cleanliness: 3.5

Food/drinks: 3.5

Overall: 3.9/5

You can book your stay at the Good Hotel London here www.goodhotellondon.com

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