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The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is Launching the Celebration of its 25th Anniversary

  • The commemoration of the Anniversary will permeate all Museum activities throughout 2022

  • “Art Inspires Future” is the overarching concept of the celebratThey begin by talking about

  • The Museum Collection plays a prominent role in the Art programming

In October 2022, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which was a enormous boost to the cultural, economic, social, and artistic life of the city and its surroundings, will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Over these years, the Museum has garnered success and a degree of international renown which have remained steady over time.

In a very different context than some years ago, and after the necessary reflection sparked by the pandemic, the Museum is enthusiastically tackling future challenges with realistic optimism. The uncertainty and limitations experienced because of the health crisis have served as an incentive to seize new opportunities which require flexibility, proactiveness, and the use of technology to continue disseminating art and serving as inspiration, and to continue being a driving force for the region, just as happened a quarter of a century ago during a severe economic crisis, when the Museum clearly saw that inspiring confidence and helping to reactivate its environs was part of its mission.

In this vein, the Museum has unveiled the overarching slogan of its anniversary: “Art Inspires Future,” as well as a special edition of its logo, which it will use throughout this year, in which the characteristic G’s of the Guggenheim brand move like gears to shape the number 25.


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