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The Hauswerk Program

2020 was a very strange year for everyone. With millions furloughed and in lockdown from March we all found ourselves with a lot more time on our hands. Everyone used this time to get through the lockdown in the best possible way for themselves. Some just took a well earned break, some struggled and took it day by day and some decided to try and start their own businesses. One man in partiular used his extensive knowledge of the fitness industry to start his own fitness company - Josh Ayles.

During the lockdown Josh used the time to start his business Hauswek, based on a fitness workout program he created during lockdown. Being a founding member of London SoulCycle and a Nike ambassador Josh was in the prime position to start his business. Speaking to Josh about Hauswerk he told us that he knows how to push his clients to the limit while building phenomenal energy within his classes to make everyone feel grounded, connected and filled with positivity and drive to push past any boundaries they may be facing.

One thing many of us missed during lockdown with our fitness routines, which affected many with their mental health taking a toll. This is Something Josh realised so he decided to create the Hauswerk program whcih he found brought communities together. Offering corporate and small group sessions using zoom.

The Hauswerk program:

  • Monthly rolling subscription to a private Instagram account

  • 3 - 4x live workouts a week - HiiT and to the beat

  • February includes HausParty – no curfew which is a 7-day challenge

  • Additional workouts throughout the month

  • Specifically curated and mixed workout playlists

  • Private weekly Spotify motivation and workout playlists

  • Weekly challenges

  • Hauswerk WhatsApp group to keep everyone motivated and connected

  • Surprise workouts and challenges

  • ·£45 for the existing members and £55 for all new members

Hauswerk 3 starts on Monday 1st– Sunday 28thFebruary with a HausParty week – Monday 22nd– Sunday 28thFebruary.

For more information to to sign up head over to Hauswerk.


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