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The luxury towel - Collingwood & Hay

Whether you have a relaxing hot bath or a quick shower, noone wants to be greeted with a rough old towel when they get out and the guys over at Collingwood and Hay believe that too!

A 'quest' that saw the founders of the luxury towel brand travel to numerous countries, talk to experts and consumers to build up that market knowledge, but first they had to find what they believed would be the best material in the world to weave their luxury towels. 'After much research we came to the conclusion that nothing comes close to cotton for sustainability, naturalness, softness, absorbency and luxuriance.But it can’t be just any cotton', the brand said. One option for the brand would be to use Egyptian cotton, which is used a lot in bed linen and shirts but the brand wanted to make their towels with something special,which lead them to the hills near the coast of Aegean in Turkey. They say, 'The perfect combination of soil, rainfall, sunshine and wind produces cotton which is long, strong and exceptionally absorbent. This cotton has extra long fibres, a rare white colour and a natural lustre', It looked like finally the brand may have found it material.

Each Collingwood and Hay towel is made with hand picked cotton, by hand picking the cotton strand can be persevered in the longest thread form and the longer the thread, the softer, more durable, luxurious the cotton is.

The brand has built up a high reputation for itself, providing what is a rare luxury pure white towel, each with elegant pattern at each end. The towels are limited edition with the pattern changing with each run of the towel in production. The brand say ,'Perfecting the perfect towel became our passion', and its something that is so clear to see. The research that has gone into making the towel and then the creation of the brand is admirable, for some people a towel isn't something they dont think about when buying, they buy for the colour, they buy for the price. What they dont understand is that by using a towel like the ones from Collingwood and hay is something that could contribute to how relaxed you are, comfort is key and Collingwood and Hay are here to make you comfortable.

You can check out the range of rare towels over at