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The Masseuse: Provocative, Erotic Novel Takes Rare Look Behind World’s Oldest Profession

Ria V. Uconel’s ‘The Masseuse’ cleverly fuses fact and fiction to embroil readers in the life of a young masseuse. It’s an incredible opportunity to take a look behind the curtains of a working massage parlour and those who make a living there, while championing a rich and beautiful story of a woman trying to find her way in the world. With abundant emotion and a raw examination of the deepest desires of humanity, it’s no wonder one critic wrote, “Amazing book, complex and exciting story. Full of emotions and describes very well the fight of a young woman for success, happiness and respect.”

For many “working girls”, what started as a pure necessity quickly becomes a diverse way of life. At the same time, the world’s oldest profession is one that is all-consuming emotionally, physically and culturally.

In her intricate and intelligent new novel, Ria V. Uconel sees reality and fiction collide, as the story of one young woman making her way in the industry is laid bare. It’s frank and uninhibited – much like the profession itself.


The books portray the naked and unscreened truth of a segment of the world’s oldest profession from various viewpoints. The stories challenge the threshold of societal norms and its ingrained prejudices. Instead of focusing on the sensual moments and ordeals of the women of the night, the four-book series depicts the life of an erotic masseuse and the sometimes agonizing, sometimes feverishly erotic days of her life from her point of view. We witness her bitter, everyday struggle as she faces her demons and tests her own limits. Leading a life she must conceal, she develops through her inner struggles and strives for a life she believes to be more beautiful and desired. The story provides food for though and is at times explicitly provocative. We watch and sense the heroine’s story as she keeps reflecting on herself and the world around her, amplifying her innermost feelings and thoughts, allowing us to track the growth of her personality and her spiritual awakening. It is through her eyes that we get a glimpse of the everyday life of an erotic massage parlour as she introduces us to the men visiting this forbidden world and to her emotions, and sometimes repulsions, about them. She often wanders into the past from her current situation and tries to survive using her racy imagination. The heroine keeps weighing the limits of eroticism and sexuality, and tries to find her place in a reality she denies. She searches for her fate and the mystery of life’s great challenges, fights the unacceptable, and takes action so that her life may change.

The book titled Masseuse is about her starting to work, the adversities of her life, the agony of accepting herself and living her everyday reality, while a thread from the past leads her to try to understand and reclaim her lover. It offers a glimpse into a hidden world, the everyday life of an erotic massage salon. She often resorts to her imagination to experience in her fantasy all the things she would like to live through in her affair or work relations. She keeps drifting from reality and is in a constant battle with herself as she is forced to give up her principles to gain an opportunity to secure her future, and become the owner of the massage spa.

“One thing this book really drives home is the fine line working girls draw between the need to work to live, and their dedication to the eroticism and fantasy realisation they provide clients,” explains the author. “Our heroine’s life hasn’t been smooth and, as many readers will agree, she hasn’t chosen the easiest line of work to thrive in. However, the struggles quickly become challenges, and many of those challenges morph into opportunities. It’s certainly an enlightening read.”

Continuing, “I won’t say where the grey areas between fact and fiction are – that’s something readers can try and discover for themselves. However, this is a book that will thrill and delight fans from all walks of life, hopefully while giving them plenty to think about in their own lives.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. One reader comments, “I really enjoyed the switch between fantasy and reality filled with sexy spice. Highly recommended!”

Another adds, “Great Read. very visual scenes and from a part of the world I grew up in. She must have gone through a tough life.”

‘The Masseuse’ is available now:


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