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The Missing Grimoire: Magical gifts, crystals and more in latest instalment of Blackhill Manor

Claire Hastie’s The Missing Grimoire follows thirteen-year-old Luna Green. Having recently discovered that she is one of the last surviving Celestians, Luna is learning to hone her magickal gifts, when along with eleven similarly ‘gifted’ classmates they embark on a mission to find the missing Grimoire and save their world from the power of the darker realms.

Published on 26th July 2022, The Missing Grimoire is the much anticipated second instalment of Claire Hastie’s compelling Blackhill Manor series.

Continuing the fantastical adventures of protagonists first introduced in The Guardians of Athame, this second outing for Luna Green and her classmates immerses the reader in a plot to save the world from mystical mayhem and offers readers a moment of respite from the challenging realities of today’s real world.

The easy flowing prose, vivid characters and strong storyline of The Missing Grimoire will not only delight fans of this genre but further position Claire Hastie as a preeminent purveyor of YA fantasy.


Deep inside the Dead Forest of Araig, evil beings are escaping from the damaged Nocte Viventem portal, and they are on the hunt for children’s blood.

Oblivious to the threat on their doorstep, Luna Green and the rest of the children at Blackhill Manor are still honing their new magickal skills, when they learn of a missing grimoire, an ancient book believed to hold the most powerful spells from the beginning of time.

When two unexpected guests arrive at the manor, Luna and her friends soon learn of the terrifying creatures hiding in the Dead Forest, and she and the rest of the guardians realise they must find the grimoire and the next missing crystal, before someone else beats them to it.

The author says:

“The children soon learn about a missing ancient grimoire, stolen many years ago, which is said to hold some of the most powerful spells known to the magickal world. With a creature that thrives on children’s blood lurking in the Dead Forest, the children consider whether this grimoire may provide another means of closing the portal from which these evil beings are escaping. Meanwhile, a rogue clan of evil witches are roaming around the nearby forests in search of the athame and the next missing crystal, a ruby. They intend to use these to open the darker realms and claim power over our world. With both evil beings and rogue witches to contend with, the twelve children and their teachers must race to find the ruby crystal, and the grimoire, to save their world from the power of the darker realms. “

Five-star praise of The Guardians of Athame from Amazon readers includes:

“I found it a fantastic read, I couldn't put it down, I could visualise all the characters and scenes, wait with bated breath for the next instalment.” – Robyn O’Donnell

“What a great read, a real page turner fantastic. This is one talented author. Can't wait for the next book.” – Norman G

“Honestly this is a fab read .. easy to follow .. strong characters .. very well written and draws you right into the story .. can't wait for the next book.” – Fiona.Tiree

Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers, The Missing Grimoire (ISBN: 978-1-80378-061-0) is published on 26th July 2022 and is available in paperback £8.99 and Kindle format. Waterstones | Foyles | Amazon | Cranthorpe Millner


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