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The Older Woman: The First in the Anna-Leigh Brooks’ Highly Charged and Erotic Trilogy.

Already receiving five-star reviews, Anna-Leigh Brooks’ debut novel introduces us to Jamie and Jess and their loves, lust and passions.

The Older Woman is Anna-Leigh Brooks’ debut novel and the first instalment of her erotic/romantic trilogy chronicling the passions of Jamie and Jess.

With her style already likened to a blend of Barbara Cartland meets 50 Shades, Anna-Leigh’s novel writing is particularly noteworthy since she did not own a laptop until lockdown relaxed last July. Undeterred by this fact she penned The Older Woman, Ring of Hope (the second instalment) and a few chapters of her final book in the trilogy, Jamie, all on her mobile phone.

The Older Woman tells a love story that ensues from a chance meeting. With the second and third chapters of her trilogy already written, Anna-Leigh has hit the ground running as a novelist and has made an impressive debut into the world of erotic romantic literature.


Jess's arrival in the military village got her heart racing, her adrenalin pumping …

Lust, passion, and a yearning for love, that's all that she ever really dreamed of. With a failed marriage behind her and an uncertain future she hopes her move to the small military village not far from her parents will turn out to be for the best.

Work hard party harder seems to be the usual lifestyle for a 19-year-old squaddie. He has no intention of settling down, in fact, he craves the excitement of an older woman to fulfil his fantasies.

Will their highly charged and erotic activity be enough to sustain a relationship?

Can Jamie be a kept a secret and hold onto their passion or will it be too much for either of them?

About the author:

A former trade counter sales assistant working for a joinery company, Anna-Leigh is mother to four grown up children and lives in the suburbs of Coventry with her beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Eddie.

With a lifelong passion for reading, Anna-Leigh is never happier than with a good book in her hand and is a natural storyteller fascinated by detail.

When starting to write ‘The Older Woman’ in 2020, she never imagined it would lead to anything other than a fun ‘exercise’, the result of a conversation with her dear friend Jarra Brown, a published author of ’46 Miles’.

Available to buy from Amazon


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