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The perfect equilibrium of comfort and elegance - Pas Une Marque Paris

France has created some of the world best fashion designers and we think they may have just created another that will take the world by storm. Offering Luxury and street wear garments Pas Un Marque Paris Could be in line to join some of France's elite in the not too distant future.

Designed in Paris and made in Peru. The brand says' 'Pas Une Marque is a modern re-imagining of the timeless apres-guerré aestehtic.'

Pas Une Marque or PUM as they are often referred to uses traditional French inspired tailoring techniques in their street wear garments, this enables them to offer pieces that you can wear throughout the day and into those long nights boasting durability in stylish wear. Pas Une Marque's say's its aesthetic, 'Is a fusion between lux and street wear, a perfect equilibrium of comfort and elegance. Pas Une Marque re-interprets timeless environments of a luxurious midnight in Paris or a romance sparked in the Metropolitan' and if you take a look at the pieces this brand stocks you can see this definition come to life. There is something special about this brand, you can see the quality in the designs as well as the fabrics and this is how you separate your self from the rest to join that small group of elite brands.

The brand tee's and hoodies boast simplistic yet effective designs , looking at the collections it is 2020 fashion in a nut shell. Every piece in its own way represents where fashion is right now, Simplistic but effective.

What for me this brand has done so well, is to copy what everyone's wearing, whilst making it so different from the rest - I know that probably doesn't make sense but the brand I believe could be up there with some of the biggest brands in the world - Not just to come out France, because they are exactly where fashion is right now. Their not trying to be something they're not and their not trying to be like any other brand they are Pas Une Marque and their pieces are very identifiable and that is what you want as a brand. Bringing that 2020 modern, edgy style to the market with elegant and simplistic design is what 2020 is about. Bring in the bold colours, bring in the block colours because its what everyone wants and it's what everyone is wearing.

You can head over and check out their latest collection over at


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