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THE TACOVER: Europe's biggest taco festival returns to London bigger than ever for 2024

Dates: 25th and 26th May

Family friendly day sessions: 11am - 3.30pm 

Adult only evening session: 4pm - 10pm 

The Tacover, a family friendly taco festival, will see 15 of the UK's best taco slingers return to Signature Brewery this May. 

There will be 45 different tacos on offer, with at least 1/3rd vegan, and more than half halal and gluten free. 15-20k tacos expecting to be sold. 


The event is the fourth edition in 3 years with sponsors Jarritos (Mexican biggest soda) Tajin (the world's biggest lime salt brand) and Tiempo Tequila all returning. There will be goodies/testers from sponsors, entertainment, DJs, games and our famous entertainment on stage including the The National Tortilla Slap Championships and The Viper Taco Challenge. There will also be a free raffle with gifts from our sponsors and hosts.

Alexander Freitas, Founder of The Tacover, said: "Tickets are flying out the door and I can't wait to see everyone down at this year's Tacover. 

"We've made a huge effort to bring the very best taco vendors in the country to the event and have and array of activities planned for adults and kids to enjoy." 

The event is split into 4 sessions over the bank holiday with a family friendly days session and adult only evening session that will get a little wild.

Vendors: Carne Street Food, Mexclub, Proper Taco, Nopalito, Polanko, Death by Tacos, Slam BBQ, Masa, Birria, Pako Taco, Leytonstone Tavern, Pretty Boy Tacos.



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