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The Village Narcissist: Audacious, Abhorrent Murder Mystery Rings In

Glenis Kellet’s ‘The Village Narcissist’ is a captivating novel – it's a twisted and enthralling murder mystery set in a picture-perfect village. An idyllic place readers would dream of living in, until an obnoxious outsider purchases The Old Vicarage and placid life descends into something much more reminiscent of the dark, bloodied past. One critic wrote, “Gripped immediately! The thrilling complicated plots and twists compelled me to read it to the end. Never guessed what it's conclusion would be and it came as a real shock! It was riveting!”

Millions of Brits dream of village life. A place where neighbours are few but friendly, where the local pub is the epicentre of the action and crime wouldn’t dream of showing its face. Oh, the dream…

The characters in Glenis Kellet’s latest novel also shared that vision, until their remote village becomes the playground of sinister twists and turns, symbolised by the ever-ringing bell tower.

‘The Village Narcissist’ uniquely blends humour and dark mystery as Kellet crafts a place unlike anywhere else – inviting readers to step inside.


A body is found hanging from a noose made from a bell rope! Is this just the start of things to come?

The deceptively quiet remote village is shattered after a brazen obnoxious outsider purchases The Old Vicarage - strange disappearances occur. It wasn’t until the gruesome village history was revealed - that the baffled police could solve the chilling mysteries connected to the bell tower.

The fictitious villager's characters play a colourful and humorous part in this book - bringing the small village to life - it's a gripping murder mystery, injecting the gruesome, spine-chilling history of this remote village into its final sinister twists and turns.

“Nothing symbolises the supposed-innocent nature of the UK better than its villages,” explains the author. “I wanted to turn one village upside down, in a story that retains the murder mystery hallmarks readers cry out for, while also weaving together a unique narrative led by its unconventional characters.”

Continuing, “It was a lot of fun to create the village and its residents from scratch. The characters are both amusing and vulnerable, I suppose perfectly mirroring real-world society itself. I won’t say too much more about the book here, other than you will turn the last page with your jaw on the floor.”

Readers agree, leaving five-star reviews. Lynne writes, “Glenis’s books are getting better each time. She has a really fast-paced style, and a talent for interesting and unusual storylines. This book especially rang true to me, as I have lived in small village and recognise her true to life descriptions of characters and events! I am a lover of mysteries with a twist in the tail, and am really looking forward to the next one.”

Other comments and reviews - “I was instantly hooked!” - “Keep writing, this is your best book yet!” - “Great imagination! plenty of plot and dialogue here. I find your books very plot-driven, plenty happening and this one is no exception.” - “The Village Narcissist arrived to day brilliant could not put it down had to finish it and wow the end did not disappoint fantastic book well done. - Just ordered other 2 books.” - “The vivid description made me feel I was actually there!”

‘The Village Narcissist’ is available now at Amazon

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