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This is not a press release. These are not ‘slides’

This is a tale of certified ambition, calculated discipline and an inimitable passion of wanting to create something you never knew you needed. Playts are enhanced footwear that surpasses the traditional notions of normality and practicality. They have no true geographical placement, no sexual orientation and aren’t defined by ‘where’ they are worn - but ‘how’ they are worn.

Playts represent an attitude. Individualism, freedom, self-empowerment, confidence, rejecting the status quo. The creative opportunity is in [on] your hands [feet], and how you want to express Playts is up to you. Where do you want to wear Playts?

Delivering stability in equal measure to style, Playts have focused on the levels of detail within the luxury that allow for such complete ergonomics. Our P motif is evolved throughout, delicately centred in the footbed and showcased as the trademark monogram style on both the sole and the strap. The reverse of the said strap features a material used by Playts designed to prevent blisters and allows for wear times comparable to orthodox closed-toed shoes. After all, we’re not slides.

Our scientifically contoured footbed is designed by the number one sandal maker in Italy, and in turn, possibly the world. The standard of their craftsmanship and their sustainable work ethos was paramount in our decision-making process. The environment should be a key focus for all humans, and we take great pride that 50% of the energy used throughout the process is sourced from solar panels. Equally as important is the use of plant-based glues, and at no stage of manufacturing do we use any animal derivatives.

To truly appreciate any object is to understand the essence of its finite quantity. As such is our beliefs, our first release will be limited to 125 pairs in each of our eight colours. Meaning only 1000 people will be able to join us, for now... With the launch around the corner, Wonderland has already disclosed Playts to be ‘top of their list for footwear 2021’. Also, Co-founders of Playts describe setting off on this journey as ‘an obvious step to take. After years of obsessing over fashion, we had never understood why no one had taken open-toed unisex footwear seriously or made a real effort to differentiate. Together we believe we can contribute to a major shift in fashion cultures around open-toed footwear. Playts will always be exclusively inclusive to all.’

Stay up to date with Playts through their tailored authentication service. Upon receiving your purchase, you will receive an official Certilogo card containing a scannable hologram. This customised digital experience gives you early access to new collections, special offers and to learn more about our Playts lifestyle.

Sizes range from 3-12 and will be available in 8 different colour-ways.

Playts are priced at £295 and will be available to purchase online at from May 19th for those signed up to early access, and general sale May 20th.

Follow the brand on Instagram @theplayts for all the latest news.


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