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This Years Must-Have Music Trivia Experience: I Want My MTV

Get ready to test your music knowledge and relive the iconic moments of MTV history with the thrilling game by Ginger Fox, "I Want My MTV." Designed for music enthusiasts of all ages, this game combines trivia, music videos, and strategic gameplay to offer an unforgettable entertainment experience.

I Want My MTV challenges players to dive into the world of music, trivia, and nostalgia from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. The goal is to answer a variety of trivia questions spanning different eras of music, music videos, and MTV's iconic sessions. With every 4 correct answers, players earn one piece of the MTV logo. But in an exciting The twist: players must collect all four pieces of the MTV logo to complete their puzzle. The first player or team to successfully assemble their MTV logo will be crowned the winner. It's a race against time and wit to see who can showcase their extensive music knowledge and strategy skills to the fullest.

Experience the Thrill of Music Trivia

For music aficionados and trivia enthusiasts alike, I Want My MTV offers an extensive collection of music-related questions that will challenge and entertain players. From chart-topping hits to obscure classics, the game tests players' familiarity with foot-loosening party anthems, memorable music videos, and even the real names behind famous stage personas.

Who sang that foot-loosening party anthem that rocked the charts? What music video featured a custard pie battle? Can you identify the true identity of George O'Dowd? Recall the dynamic duo that was 'Crazy in Love'? If you can, then you're well on your way to collecting your puzzle piece!

I Want My MTV comes complete with everything you need for an engaging gameplay experience:

  • 100 Playing Cards featuring diverse music-related questions

  • 24 Logo Pieces that form the iconic MTV logo

  • Rule Sheet for easy reference and gameplay guidance

  • Optional Digital Features for an enhanced interactive experience

  • Suitable for 3 to 6 players, ensuring fun for everyone

The Ginger Fox ‘ I Want My TV’ game costs £4.79 from Amazon


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