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Thomas the Baker & the Fire of London – Book informs young readers about The Great Fire of 1666

In his book, Thomas the Baker & the Fire of London, Marcus Alexis brings to life the events of 2nd September 1666 through rhyme and stunning illustrations; and creates a guaranteed bedtime favourite for young readers.

Published on 26th July 2022, Thomas the Baker & the Fire of London is an atmospheric and captivating retelling of the story of the Great Fire of London. Written for young readers it will especially appeal to those seeking adventure and an element of danger.

With the eventful story told in rhyme and supported by stunning illustrations by its author, Marcus Alexis, readers aged 5 to 7 are taken back to Pudding Lane to be acquainted with the fire, smoke and danger that devastated over 13,000 London homes.

Whilst the phenomenal success of the BBC’s Horrible Histories confirms the appetite of youngsters for tales from the past, we can only hope that Marcus Alexis is planning to delve back in history for inspiration for his next book.


The Great Fire of 1666, told in rhyme and pictures. The tragic character of Thomas gives a great historical event a human scale and puts a relatable everyday character at the centre of events. The fire is known the world over and studied in all UK primary schools.

However, this is a storybook – the kind you read to children at bedtime for fun. It happens to be a true story from history, but it is not a schoolbook or a study aid.

The author says:

“I am a designer, illustrator and writer. The picture books I was read as a child – like Tomi Ungerer’s The Three Robbers – still loom large in my imagination. My work is, at heart, an attempt to recapture that sense of awe and excitement. I try to create stories with atmosphere, some darkness, and a hint of exploration or danger.”

Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers, Thomas the Baker & the Fire of London (ISBN: 978-1-80378-053-5 ) is published on 26th July 2022 and is available in paperback (£6.99) and Kindle format. Waterstones | Foyles | Amazon | Cranthorpe Millner

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