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Sit Pool-Side With Thomas Royall

Making a pool side statement to not only make you feel good but also look good. This is what brand owner Sam Saunders of Thomas Royal believes. Since launching the brand in 2015 it'll be fair to say the awareness of the brand has been at a high level.As if having footballer Liam Ridgwell wasn't good enough for the brand they also have footballing legend John Terry as a director of the company. With constant posts on social media for both players the outreach for this brand is in the millions.

We wanted to find out more information about why the brand was created, Sam told us 'Whilst having seen what was available in the mens swimwear market, I was disappointing at the lack of options and I knew i had to change something.

We got speaking to in house designer Laura Moore and wanted to ask what kinds of designs they focus on, Laura said, 'Our collections are driven by print, colour and visual texture allowing Thomas Royall to have it's signature style season upon season. The focus on our designs are very playful and colourful with key pieces of eye-catching prints and 3D style concepts throughout the ranges. We're known for our trend setting butterfly prints and striking photographic statements that are available across all our mens, women's and children's products'.

We are always trying to find out the next thing here at Hinton magazine so we asked about Thomas Royall's SS19 upcoming collection, We were told ' We have just finished the research and design stage for our upcoming SS19 collections and therefor super excited announce our new designs will be released very soon. In the meantime, we can tell you that we've worked on jungle style themes, animal orientated imagery and our stunning reworks of the signature butterfly designs that Thomas Royall is '. known for'.

Without speaking to founder Sam, it was clear to see the success they have already experienced and are going to have in the near future. With two big names in the footballing world as directors there is no wonder why the brand is so popular but still at the same time we cannot take anything away from the incredible designs and super comfy materials they use.

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