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Throw, Catch and Zoom Through the Air with BigJigs

Their New Range of Environmentally Friendly Flyers is Flexible, Foldable, and Fun.

Designed for maximum fun everyone will love throwing these foldable flyers and watching them zoom around the sky. They are soft and perfect for little hands they won’t hurt as they practice throwing and catching.

These lightweight flying discs are made from eco-friendly food-grade silicone, a safer alternative to plastic. The silicone flyer can be folded, rolled, and squashed without breaking. They are bendy, flexible, and durable, and created to last the demands of endless play, whether playing at the park, garden, beach, or swimming pool.

With 12 exciting colours to choose from, there is plenty of choice with primary and pastel shades suiting every style.


  • Lightweight - 100 grams

  • Zero plastic packaging

  • Available in 12 colours including; primary and pastel shades

  • Suitable from 18 months+

  • Tested for Europe & US

  • Easy to Clean

  • Flyers can roll and flex and bounce back to shape with no crease marks

  • Size - 18cm

The BigJigs Flexible Flyer costs £4.99 from

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