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Top 8 Designer Sunglasses For Summer

When the summer sunshine comes out, it can only mean one thing - time to crack out those designer sunglasses! I take a look at my top 8 pairs in my latest post on your favourite men’s fashion site.

Sunglasses have been around since the 18th century - created by James Ayscough, although it wasn’t until the early 20th century they were designed in the style we see around today when Sam Foster began to mass-produce them for the public. We have seen many types come and go, especially in the last decade, with some truly questionable styles (hello, shutter shades). However, there are those timeless designs that hold our interest across decades. Aviator styles are particularly popular, and there is no sign that these iconic pairs will lose favour anytime soon! The same can be said for the wayfarer look or even the cat-eye styles.

Quality in production is also a key factor when choosing sunglasses, anyone can pick up a pair of ‘shades’ when on holiday from the local gift shop, yet it is unlikely they will do you justice, even less chance of suitably protecting your eyes from the blinding sun! With this in mind, I take a look at my top 8 pairs of designer sunglasses available right now!

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

We start the ball rolling with an iconic classic - The Ray-Ban Aviator, popular as far back as WW2 when American pilots wore them during their flights. This style of sunglasses is undoubtedly timeless and will suit nearly everyone (they are my own personal favourite style too). I have picked out the silver frame and lens model, but you would do just as well, opting for aviators with a gold frame.

Saint Laurent Clear Acetate Sunglasses

Next up, we have a pair of eye-catching sunglasses from Italian powerhouse - Saint Laurent. Crafted from totally clear plastic with complementing grey lines, these will have you the talk of the town! Buy Now

Gucci Square Frame Sunglasses

This pair of oversized square sunglasses from Gucci will surely earn you attention down on the beach; the pale yellow hue of the lenses is subtle yet effective against the black framework and gold ago on each of the arms. Buy Now

Fend Logo Print Aviator Sunglasses

This pair of shades from Fendi features a modernised take on the classic Aviator, featuring a sleek silhouette while bathed in the brands signature brown hues. It wouldn’t be Fendi if it didn’t have their logo splashed across the product, and in this case, it is their ‘Zucca’ monogram applied across the whole of the lenses! An acquired taste? Maybe, but even so, you cannot deny the presence of these exceptional sunglasses! Buy Now

Cartier Eyewear Aviator Sunglasses

Cartier throws their hat into the ring with these square, angular framed aviators, featuring cool blue lenses with a silver titanium frame for a beautiful finish. Buy Now

Bottega Veneta Round Frame Green Sunglasses

These sunglasses boast a timeless vintage appearance with gorgeous stand out green lenses and circular frames. If you are on the lookout for a classic looking accessory when hitting the sea and sand, you will do well to grab this pair from the current season. Buy Now

Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses

These eyewear accessories are said to take inspiration from legendary movie

director - Federico Fellini. These transparent yellow shades are certainly striking; if you are looking to make a bold statement, then I think your search is over! Buy Now

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Finally, we have the classic and iconic Wayfarer from Ray-Ban; if aviators aren’t your thing, you will undoubtedly adore these rock ’n’ roll style sunglasses! Perfect for all seasons, but certainly still hit the mark during the summertime! Buy Now