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True Elegance is timeless - Nina Knight

Imagine having the perfect outfit, the perfect shoes and having perfect hair but not having the perfect bag to go with it. Don't panic accessories designer Nina Knight is here to complete your outfit.

Nina Knight launched her brand in 2017, with the same namesake to bring something new and something bold to shake up the handbag market. The California-based designer, started designing bespoke accessories after graduating from fashion school which led her to launch her own brand.

When it comes to design you must have a muse, something that inspires you, something that brings out your creativity, which is true for the designer inspired by architecture, art and nature.   With a mission to design pieces for women who 'want to express their individuality and a belief that accessories express one's personality and style'. 

Each handcrafted piece in the Nina Knight collection, uses some of the highest quality materials, constructed by a passionate team committed to bringing you a luxury quality product. This is something we are seeing more often in recent years, brands are looking to bring high quality products to the customers without charging them high rates. It really brings back the passion to the fashion industry.

You can check out the full Nina Knight collection over at


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