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“Truly Inspirational” Sounds of Diamonds: British Woman’s Journey From Victim to Victor Becomes

Nichola K Johnson won’t fully admit how much of ‘Sounds of Diamonds’ is based on her life story but, even if just 10% of it is, Johnson’s strength and determination is boundless.

However, Johnson maintains that everyone has it within them to turn a life of abuse and torment into one of joy and prosperity. Just pick up a copy of the book, because the heroine depicted within is a beacon of hope for anyone.

Synopsis: Secretly given away before her 1st birthday, Nikki Johnson experiences her childhood dealing with abuse, bullying, neglect, and issues with race.

Brought up in her early years dreaming of her real mother, she eventually comes face to face with her in hope of becoming a real family. However, things are not what they seem, and her happy family becomes a living nightmare. A remarkable story of Nikki’s struggles in finding her place in the world. A talented young girl who loses herself, her confidence, and self-belief hits rock bottom and finds herself completely alone. Re-united and taken in by her estranged father who experiences extreme challenges while he gives his life into turning things around. Together they spend their time building their very own distinctive relationship which endures many unexpected tests and trials throughout their journey.

“We all have a story to tell,” explains the author. “My start in life was far from ideal and, while there’s of course some creative license deployed in the novel, much of it is based off my own experiences. I want to show people that the fire burning within them can easily ignite to change their life for the better. It might not end up being perfect, but better days are always ahead.”

Continuing, “The response to the novel has been absolutely overwhelming. Many people are resonating with the raw, uncut emotion that drives the story, and I hope they are turning the last page with plenty to think about in their own lives.”

Indeed, reviews have been glowing. Julie writes, “The best novel by an unknown author that I have read in a long time. The story is compelling and vividly describes Nikki’s troubled childhood. Although it starts as the story of a victim, bullied and abused over and over again, it is ultimately a story of strength and success. To come from nothing, to have had the worst start possible in life and yet to achieve so much, is a testimony to Nikki’s character and determination. This story gives hope to anybody, no matter what they have been through in life. It’s never the end til you say it’s the end.”

SD adds, “There’s a subtle suspense to Nichola’s writing that pulls you in to the scenes. Her writing style makes it easy to read, you really get drawn in to each character, what Nikki was going through and most importantly how she was feeling. Once you start reading you don’t want to stop. Albeit some parts are sad but these parts are important to tell.”

‘Sounds of Diamonds’ is available now:

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