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The Jewellery market is vast so finding a brand one can find themselves aligned with isn't easy. For some its the name of the brand that pull them towards purchasing, the status a brand offers is a common reason why someone buys from a particular brand and of course there are those that just find the pieces truly stunning. There's also a new market and its a rapidly growing one, those who want the pieces that they wear to truly mean something to them, whether it be a memory a place or a person there is sentiment there and jewellery brand Tshepiso have set themselves up to be front runners in this vastly growing market space.

Named Tshepiso, the brand is the namesake of the founder and metalsmith. Speaking to the brand as to where the inspiration on the crafting comes from they told us, 'The focus is on crafting jewellery that is based on shapes derived from daily life, art and memories. The working process often consists of building up and stripping down work to reach a delicate balance of weight and shape. every piece of jewellery that is ordered, is handcrafted in the studio by Tshepiso just for you, the handcrafted nature of Tshepiso makes every piece similar but unique in its slight differences and imperfections'. Something I believe many people will be drawn to when learning about this brand.

When purchasing from independent brands sometimes the pieces aren't there ready for you take away instantly, most people buying from them will know this as each piece is crafted to order. I wanted to speak to the brand about this potential issue and how they deal with it so successfully. They told me, 'Tshepiso is slowly handcrafted and designed by an individual, with all pieces being made to order. this does mean that working time is between 2-6 weeks for your jewellery to arrive, the wait however is worth it'. After seeing just some of what the brand produces it's certainly worth the wait.

The founder and Metalsmith of the brand Tshepiso began studied their craft at the Witwatersrand university in Johannesburg after having a keen interest in the fashion industry for many years. After graduating from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy in 2019 they went on to launch the brand Tshepiso and have not looked back since!

The brand have picked up accolades and press coverage in the past 3 years and I can certainly see why. A big future ahead in this market from Tshepiso and I am excited to follow their journey.

You can shop the full range from Tshepiso right now over at You can also follow the brand on social media: Instagram & Facebook.

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