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TUOHI Jewelry

Simplicity is beauty. When it comes to completing any outfit elegantly, keeping things simple is certainly a big statement. You dont have to go bold with colours have chunky chains or giant rocks. Keeping it simple speaks a lot louder than you might think. Something jewelry brand TUOHI Jewelry firmly believes too.

'Jewelry with minimalism and timeless touch' TUOHI Jewelry has firmly found their place in the market. The brand 'born out of a passion towards the beauty of simplicity and timeless design' have certainly set out to make a statement with their elegant timeless pieces. Speaking to the the founder Reetta about her brand TUOHI Jewelry she told us, 'Our jewelry is simultaneously metal hard and light as a feather floating in the air, which creates a unique contrast. Our design is both relaxed and sophisticated, which makes it equally ideal for everyday life and festive occasions alike. This is definitely the feel you get from the brands designs.

There's no denying the Jewellery market is one which is filled with many designers, so the question is how do you stand out from the rest whilst keeping the core values of your brand which might be similar to your competitors? It seems TUOHI Jewelry might have it nailed, with the brands namesake and founder Tuohi telling us, 'Our carefully curated collection offers clean lines and interesting nuances, as well as volume and silence to complement various styles. The core of TUOHI Jewelry design philosophy lies in the fact that our design is modern and timeless at the same time' continuing with, 'The surprising juxtaposition of these two elements also automatically makes TUOHI Jewelry responsible. As these pieces of jewelry stand the test of time, they might become your favourites, treasures handed down from one generation to another'. Something which has made brands Iconic, the brands that are passed down through generation are the once that are of the highest quality and it seems TUOHI Jewelry is the latest to join that elite group.

Keeping the piece's modern will be key moving forward for TUOHI Jewelry, ensuring although they want to keep that timeless feel they also need to ensure their pieces dont get lost in time something so far the brand seem to be ensuring happens.

Offering a modest range of collections in bracelets, rings, necklaces and earring, the brands statement of simplicity echo's throughout.

You can shop the full range from TUOHI Jewelry over at

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