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Undying Love: Raw, Remarkable New Book Proves the Limitless Power of True Love

Esther Mobuse and David Fakrogha’s ‘Undying Love’ is a bold fictional reminder to readers that love is a sacred force, transcending lust and just about every facet of life to be the universe’s most treasured and valued gift. Diving into the love story of Monica and William, the book will move anyone confused by love into a place of life-changing clarity, while helping those who have lost a grip on love’s true meaning to gain insight that will elevate them to newfound happiness.

Esther Mobuse and David Fakrogha’s book is a showcase not only of what love really is, but what it can be for anyone. The storyline is a union based on foundations of respect, trust, care, and immense joy.

In their  book, ‘Undying Love’, the duo dissect love in a way never seen before – through the fictional story of characters Monica and William. It’s not only a showcase of love, but a story for any reader looking to reacquaint themselves with the most powerful force the universe has to offer.


When you have undying love for someone, it never goes away. You have compassion for them, you genuinely care about them and you are attached to them.

Intimacy and sex are sometimes interpreted as love, but it is rarely possible to maintain intimacy and sexual attraction over many years.

Undying love for someone allows the receiver of the emotion go through their lives knowing that they are not alone. It makes them feel a sense of security in this uncertain world. You are their go-to person for comfort when they are sad, ill, or happy. You are there to celebrate their successes and failures.

For some people, being loved with an undying love is a free ticket to behave badly. Others become dependent on receiving that love and may eventually have trouble functioning in their daily lives. So, being a recipient of undying love can be a challenge, though one with amazing rewards.

There are benefits in being the giver of Undying love because when you learn to accept someone, you can use that understanding to love yourself. This kind of love strengthens your best life skills, such as empathy and gratitude.

Love could be viewed to mean different things by different people or approached in diverse ways. What does it mean to be in love? This is an actual question most people have no answer for because they are yet to experience love. When we talk about love, one never knows when it will happen. You could wake up one day and voila you are in love.

What makes a person desire so much, at least once in their lifetime, to feel what Romeo and Juliet felt that led them to such extreme tragic end. Undying love is the story of 2 people who felt such love untainted by lust and far from being a crush. Though separated by distance and absence of communication for years… but the feeling blossomed and continued to grow. Opportunities lost and self-denials but… innocent and true love prevailed. Tragic still like Romeo and Juliet because neither can actualize this beautiful love they share, due to different paths’ life took them. Complicated and tragic yet beautiful. That is precisely the story of Monica and William, and their undying love for each other.

Continuing, “We live in a world where, unfortunately, the true value and power of love is getting lost. At the very least, it’s getting watered down and confused. We hope the story we crafted helps people refocus on the basic building blocks of love, how it fits into their lives, and empowers them to embrace it and thrive.”

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