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Unhackable Soul: Inspirational new book shares roadmap on how to rise from the ashes of chronic pain

... and reignite the light within.

Talking from the heart and from more than three decades of experience, #1 Best Seller Unhackable Soul shares Maureen Sharphouse’s 30-day elixir for those suffering from daily chronic pain. Sharing practical assignments as well as how to change from a life dictated by pain and illness to one fuelled by enthusiasm and purpose, Unhackable Soul reveals how to feel vibrantly alive

A book with the potential to transform the lives forever of those suffering with chronic pain, Maureen Sharphouse’s Unhackable Soul shares with readers how to wake up every day eager to embrace life despite its physical and mental challenges.

Accessible, authentic and written by an author with first-hand experience of intractable and debilitating pain, every page in this remarkable book reminds the reader that true happiness does not rely on favourable circumstances or anything external. Providing the resources to reshape in 30 days readers’ relationships with the challenges of their conditions, Unhackable Soul offers a guiding light to all those that until now have been defined by their condition and its ability to sap all vestiges of joie de vivre.

Destined to be a cherished ‘friend’ of all those for whom the book was written, the author’s unshakable enthusiasm and tips for living the best life possible also make her book relevant to all of those who have lost their way when it comes to living a full and vibrant life.

Since it's release on Amazon, Unhackable Soul has hit #1 Amazon Best Seller in Pain Management, #1 in Personal Transformation & Spirituality ( above the incredible Brené Brown and Gabrielle Bernstein), #2 in New Age Self-help, #2 in Faith & Spirituality, and #3 in Family & Personal Growth.


Living with chronic pain is far from easy. Left unchecked, it erodes your spirit and keeps you living in the dark. It can influence what you believe about yourself and even hack your soul--if you let it. Author Maureen Sharphouse knows the challenges of living with pain first-hand. She has endured more than three decades of debilitating physical health challenges, including the incurable neurological illness known as "the suicide disease." Yet, in the midst of her daily pain, she lives with passion, joy, and enthusiasm for life. In thirty daily missions. Unhackable Soul reveals how you can feel vibrantly alive despite chronic pain. Discover how to

  • rise up from a life dictated by pain and illness to one fuelled by enthusiasm and purpose.

  • feel alive and experience greater joy, peace, and comfort.

  • wake up every day eager to embrace life despite your challenges.

Live well. Reignite your light. It's time to become Unhackable.

Receiving outstanding praise, reviews of Unhackable Soul include:

“I love this radically transformative book!!! As someone who lives with daily chronic pain from CRPS, Unhackable Soul is a roadmap to reclaim your joy and reignite the light within you despite pain! Maureen’s authentic storytelling illustrates how difficult experiences and deep wounds, both mental and physical, are the very things that can gift us a deeper power and resilience if we allow them. Maureen generously brings us her personal journey and shares her formula for moving through tremendous pain with grit and grace. Run, don’t walk and grab this book if you live with any kind of pain! - Amberly Lago – Expert Mindset Coach, TEDx speaker, True Grit and Grace Podcast Host, best-selling author of True Grit and Grace: Turning Tragedy into Triumph

“Unhackable Soul is a resource and guide to achieving a fulfilling life despite chronic pain. It offers a durable, liveable alternative to pharmacology and interventions. As a physician and surgeon who has worked with chronic pain patients, I whole-heartedly recommend this book for all who may live with chronic pain or disability. It offers a sustainable path to healthy, balanced well-being instead of a life of drugs, depression and misery. In an era of endemic opioids and dependency, it cracks in the light for the pain sufferer on what can be for them and an ever-darkening world.”-Dr Hugh A Gelabert, Physician and Surgeon, UCLA School of Medicine

“As founder and CEO of the Burning Limb Foundation and aware of the crucial role that mind and spirit play in individuals living with chronic pain disease, I high recommend this book. Maureen’s personal inspirational story and her step-by-step revitalizing daily elixir makes this book a valuable go-to companion and guide for living well with pain and illness. Maureen’s words incorporate ideas that are not just firmly rooted in the truth but also come from a loving perspective that only one who has experienced debilitating illness intimately can bring. Unhackable Soul provides me with yet another tool when working with those who live with chronic illness and is a true blueprint for how not just to live but to thrive.” -Philip Robert, Founder and CEO of the Burning Limb Foundation

“Fantastically uplifting and encouraging from someone who knows what it feels like to experience challenges and still live fully. Maureen’s spirit shines through every page to speak to you and pull you forward. Wonderful!” - Fiona Harrold, Best-Selling Author of Be Your Own Life Coach

Published by Unhackable Press (an imprint of the Igniting Souls Publishing Agency), Unhackable Soul is available in hardcover (£18.92), paperback (£11.30) and Kindle format on Amazon at

It is availably globally and can be ordered through Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and all good book retailers.

Receiving five-star reviews from readers, feedback includes:

“This book is a fantastic tool for people living with chronic pain on a daily basis.When you are having a bad day grab the book for some tips to lift you up & importantly remember that you are far more than your physical body.” – Louise S.

“Maureen has given purpose to the many years she has suffered with excruciating pain. Her book shares the techniques she has developed to more than cope but to thrive.I can't recommend it highly enough.”– Peter

“Whether you have chronic pain or not…there are gems in this book that everyone can tap into. Inspiration on every turn of the page. Thanks Maureen! Stay Blessed.” – Warren Kemp

“I'm almost at a loss for words as to how incredibly transformative this book is for helping people with chronic pain. Within the first few pages the author takes you from a place of despair to a deep knowing that life can be magical again. "You are soul and spirit... your physical body is simply... the vehicle you operate through." The book is written in such a way that makes it hard not to want to digest it all in one go, ingeniously dancing between the author's own life experiences and practical daily assignments. Finally a book that doesn't just bring hope to chronic pain sufferers but a true sense of empowerment. Now I can't wait to get started with the 30-Day online course. Incredible!” – Lynne

About the author:

Maureen Sharphouse lives with her husband, Peter, and their dog, Jackson, in the village of Milnathort, Kinross-shire, Scotland. She is a coach, mentor, writer, and speaker. Maureen’s passion is to inspire and help individuals live a unique legacy they are proud of. Her mission is to help people discover who they are beyond their physical body, live their best lives, and restore and unleash their soul’s fire and passion. Maureen’s vibrant enthusiasm for life is evident despite living with severe daily pain and complex ongoing health challenges. She is a lover of morning sunrises, good coffee, fresh flowers in her home, and spending time with her much-loved family and grandchildren.

You can connect with Maureen at

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