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Universally Unique with NASA

The official licensed NASA Retro Galaxy Lamp is a perfect light for all space-enthusiasts. The quirky retro lamp is out of this world. Shaped like a rocket it grabs attention in any room.

Add a touch of nostalgia to your life the lamp stands 50cm tall with NASA branding throughout. In a spin back to the good-old days, the lava moves when the lamp is on. The mesmerising and captivating lava draws your in for hours, helping you unwind, relax and even helping you drift off to a galaxy far away whilst you dream.

The Galaxy Lamp is perfect for all ages, from space loving toddlers who want an awe-inspiring room to star-glazers and those who love a little retro style.

One thing is for sure, with this adorable lamp you will never be out of space. You might even love it to the moon and back.

NASA Retro Galaxy Lamp £34.99 from


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