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Vanessa Gade

No outfit is truly complete without a statement piece of jewelry. Whether its those beautiful pearls around your neck or that diamond on your finger, they truly make that smile sparkle and one woman who would agree is Brand owner Vanessa Gade

Let's set the scene, imagine the diverse urban landscape of San Francisco a inspirational point for any designer as it was for Vanessa, and you can evidently see this represented in her designs.

Launching her first collection in 2007 ' The Inner Circle collection' this would turn out to be a significant moment for the Jewelry designer. 13 years on and this line is still the brands signature line. It shows the journey of where the brand started and it is now. Showing the progression of the brand. Vanessa's designs are known for their asymmetrical pattern design encased within a perfect circle. This is something what was strongly in her first collection and still to this day.

and timeless in style. Truly something for every woman.

Other inspirations in Gade's designs include, 'her love of the ocean and her youth along the beaches of Southern California'. Giving each piece a meaning she is creating beautiful pieces of art that people are going to wearing but it all comes from her memories. Some other pieces have been inspired by things from art deco architecture, ikebana flower arrangements, suspension bridges and even crisscrossing power lines.

Vanessa describe her brand of the same namesake as ,'contemporary, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese and Scandinavian design'.

The brand boasts stunning ranges in Earrings and necklace with a variety of designs there is truly a statement piece for whoever you are. I can see Vanessa Gade becoming a name every woman's wants. Even if it that one piece every woman has to have for those special occasions. You can shop the full elegant range now over at