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House Of Cavani

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Without a doubt House of Cavani has truly established itself amongst popular suit brands here in the UK and you can help but think they're here to stay. With their quality suits available at reasonable prices it means that everyone can look great and feel great without spending loads!

This month at HINTON Magazine we are all about House of Cavani and we were lucky to catch up with the team behind the successful brand.

To start with we wanted to know how would you describe House of Cavani to someone who may not have come across the brand before? We were told, "I'd Say House Of Cavani is a formal wear brand with a collection that is a mix of classic everyday styles and fashion-forward designs", and looking through their collections we cannot help but agree! We then went on to speak about when the brand launched, we wanted to know how did it look? If you look on their website now there are any different products and collections, we wanted to know has it always looked like this or has it changed? " Since the brand's inception, there has been a massive evolutionary change to keep the designs on-trend. Initially, there was the main focus on traditional three suits, but fast forward to now, and our range has expanded to so much more - including shirts, ties, and a massive range of different footwear options" they explained.

Georgia Craig Photography

We then went on to speak to about designs, I wanted to find out about where the designers start when creating a new range, "The designers take a look at what is trending around the world in the fashion industry, from shows, magazines and social media then use this knowledge as a starting point on the road to the new collection." they then when on to explain "Next, they will take this inspiration and combine it with their ideas and style, giving everything a unique Cavani twist". Now we've spoken about the designs, I asked the team what they thought was one the most complicated part of the design process? "One of the hardest factors in designing a suit that is Making sure it's different enough to stand out from the crowd, yet will still appeal to the mainstream allowing it to become a bestseller", they told me and this is so true, with a world where many things are massed produced you want to be different from the rest and be the first to have done a particular design, be the ones people want to copy not the ones that are copying. this lead me on to my next question, How do you Keep your designs original? "During the design process, we endeavour to ensure that our new collection features a variety of different details and traits to keep everything fresh when compared to our previous releases and our competitors" they went on to say.

Now we've spoken about the process of designing the suits and how they keep it original, we went on to speak about their ranges and collections. Every brand is different when it comes to bringing out new collections and how they bring it out or how many they bring out a year, so I asked the guys is there a plan for this at House of Cavani? I was told, "House of Cavani is continually releasing new products, every few weeks our website is filled with exciting new items, whether it is suits, blazers or shoes and boots".

Georgia Craig Photography

I wanted t o move on to speak about competitors and how at House of Cavani they try to separate yourselves away from the rest? "House Of Cavani offers a very distinct range of products, whenever you see one of our pieces you will instantly be able to state that it is from Cavani. We have achieved this level of distinction by offering clothing that is both classic yet different enough to turn heads", they informed me. We are always trying to get the hottest news from the brands we work with here and it didn't change here we went on to speak about 2020 and how the new year is looking for the brand, They explained to me, " We plan to add many more new and exciting products to our range and continue to grow our customer base around the world". It's clear to see there are no plans to slow down at the House of Cavani HQ.

If haven't yet you can check out House of Cavani over at


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