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What Are You Going To Do With Your One And Only Youth

A rehearsed reading of a musical play based on the true story of Korean independence activist Hoe-Young Lee

Created by Dae-Kyung Jung | Directed by Daniel Kettle

The Other Palace, 17 & 18 November

Based on the true story of Hoe-Young Lee, a Korean independence activist who fought against the Japanese colonial empire in the early 20th century, What Are You Going To Do With Your One And Only Youth is a rehearsed reading of a musical play. Performed by young English artists, British East and South East Asian artists and artists from Korea, it’ll be presented for an industry audience at The Other Palace studio (17 & 18 Nov). The play follows Hoe-Young leaving his life in Korea for Manchuria to build the Shin-Heung Military Academy, his relationship with his wife Eun-Sook Lee, and his fight for the sovereignty of Korea.

Originally created by Dae-Kyung Jung, a former chair of the National Theatre Association of Korea, this collaboration combines a traditional theatrical score with the experimental musical stylings of Michael Crean, along with a historic realism text with the visual storytelling of Daniel Kettle. After a successful run in Korea, the play has been cast with English actors to showcase it to producers and theatres in the UK, with the aim of bringing the incredible true story of Hoe-Young Lee to a British audience.

Daniel Kettle and producer Junyoung Kim said "We are very excited to bring together artists from all over the world for this project. These stories are especially important to get on the stage in a world where it is not well known that there is a person who practiced Noblesse Oblige in Korea.”

Running Time: 60 minutes | Suitable for ages 14+

Company Information

Directed by Daniel Kettle Created by Dae-Kyung Jung

Music directed by Michael Crean Dramaturgy by Sebastian Gardner

Cast includes

Harris Allen, Aoife Haakenson, Windson Liong

Listings information

The Other Palace Studio, 12 Palace St, London SW1E 5BJ

17th November, 8pm Industry Invited Showcase

18th November, 8pm Industry Invited Showcase & 9pm After Showcase Discussion


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