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Whiter teeth in just 6 days?

We are all looking for the perfect smile and one things that contributes to that is the colour of your teeth... in case you aren't aware they're meant to be white. There are many teeth whitening options out there but on in particular gives you whiter teeth in just 6 days, Hi -Smile.

In just three simple steps with Hi-smile your teeth could be whiter in just 6 days, Step 1: Fit the mouth guard to the LED Light, Step 2: apply the gel to the mouth tray and finally step 3: Turn the LED light on and start whitening your teeth. The LED Light is even timed so you dont need to worry about keeping an eye on the time, simply when the light turns off after 10 minutes, take it out your mouth and rinse.

Hi Smile say,'Our Teeth Whitening Kit is powered by our peroxide-free formula to deliver whiter and brighter teeth without sensitivity'.

On testing the kit its clear to see why it is a popular teeth whitening option, within 3 days I could see a slight difference and within the 6 days there was definitely a change, and you can track the improve with the colour chart they include in the kit. Very easy and simple to use. One thing I was worried about when trying this was the comfort of the mouth piece, even though its just 6 days you dont want it hurting your mouth and causing discomfort, but with Hi-smile there weren't any discomfort and it fits to the mouth well.

you can get your own Hi-Smile Kit for just £49.99 over at

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