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Why Women Are Winning the Fitness Influencer Race, 2024

Have you ever pondered the impact of women in reshaping the global fitness landscape? What if I told you that in 2024, women are not just participating in fitness but are actively leading and inspiring millions worldwide?  What if I told you that 7 out of the top 10 most popular fitness influencers are now female? It's a narrative of empowerment, strength, and influence that demands attention. At, we've conducted an eye-opening study that shines a spotlight on the formidable women who are revolutionizing the fitness industry.


In a comprehensive analysis, we tracked fitness personalities' digital influence across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube up to November 2023. We've compiled a data-driven list of the top 50 fitness influencers based on a blend of follower count and global search volumes.

Our Findings Highlight:

  • Top 50 fitness influencers amass 707.9M followers, with 3.8M global searches.

  • Women lead the way, with 7 in the top 10 and 26 in the top 50, boasting 410.4M followers (58%) and 2.26M global searches.

  • 23 influencers hail from the USA.

  • Instagram dominates with 51% (359.4M), followed by TikTok at 23.93% (169.4M), and YouTube at 25.29% (179M) among the top 50.

World’s 50 Most Popular Fitness Influencers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

World’s 50 Most Popular Fitness Influencers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

World’s 10 Most Popular Female Fitness Influencers, 2024

In a male-dominated landscape, 26 women carved out a space for themselves among the top 50 fitness influencers, amassing a staggering 410.4 million followers (58%) and driving global searches of 2.26 million (59.5%). Their success speaks volumes about the power of female representation in the fitness industry.

World’s 10 Most Popular Female Fitness Influencers, 2024

So, let's meet these incredible women and discover how they're changing the fitness game, one heart-pumping workout, one calming meditation at a time! ‍

1. Sommer Ray – 38.9M Followers: Former youth competitive bodybuilder and leading US fitness influencer. Sommer inspires with a mix of personal training and lifestyle content.

  • Instagram: 25.1M 

  • YouTube: 1.8M 

  • TikTok: 12M 

  • Global Search Volume: 291K

2. Chloe Ting – 28.2M Followers: Australian sensation known for her 'Abs in Two Weeks' and '10-minute workouts', Chloe revolutionized at-home fitness routines.

  • Instagram: 2.6M 

  • YouTube: 24.9M 

  • TikTok: 660.9K 

  • Global Search Volume: 355K

3. Sofie Dossi – 25.6M Followers: A contortionist and America's Got Talent finalist, Sofie dazzles with her flexibility and unique training regimens.

  • Instagram: 4.4M 

  • YouTube: 9.1M 

  • TikTok: 12.1M 

  • Global Search Volume: 53K

4. Anllela Sagra – 21.9M Followers: Colombian fitness model turned sensation, Anllela shares her journey from fashion modelling to fitness, offering workout routines and nutrition plans.

  • Instagram: 21.5M

  • YouTube: 393K

  • TikTok: 7.2K

  • Global Search Volume: 65K.

5. Tammy Hembrow – 20.2M Followers: Known for documenting her transformation before and after motherhood, Tammy inspires with a focus on post-pregnancy fitness.

  • Instagram: 17M

  • YouTube: 1.3M

  • TikTok: 1.9M

  • Global Search Volume: 76K.

6. Pamela Reif – 19.9M Followers: Gained fame at 16, Pamela is celebrated for her home workout plans and lifestyle content.

  • Instagram: 9.3M

  • YouTube: 9.7M

  • TikTok: 915K

  • Global Search Volume: 127K.

7. Demi Bagby – 18.4M Followers: An inspiring figure in CrossFit and bodybuilding, Demi's story of recovery and resilience has garnered a wide following.

  • Instagram: 2.8M

  • YouTube: 1.3M

  • TikTok: 14.3M

  • Global Search Volume: 39K

8. Yanet Garcia – 16.9M Followers: Known for her dedication to health and fitness, Yanet's content focuses on maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

  • Instagram: 14.9M

  • YouTube: 393K

  • TikTok: 1.3M

  • Global Search Volume: 65K

9. Michelle Lewin – 16.9M Followers: Michelle's approach to fitness involves fun, engaging routines and personal training formats for all levels.

  • Instagram: 14.9M

  • YouTube: 664K

  • TikTok: 1.3M

  • Global Search Volume: 300K

10. Kayla Itsines – 16.6M Followers: Co-founder of Sweat and creator of High Impact with Kayla programs, Kayla is an Australian guru known for her Bikini Body Guides.

  • Instagram: 16.2M

  • YouTube: 401K

  • TikTok: 249K

  • Global Search Volume: 38K.

This study isn't just about follower counts or social media trends. It's a testament to women's growing influence on global health and fitness attitudes. It's a story of empowerment, inspiration, and transformation led by women redefining what it means to be fit, strong, and influential.


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