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Wine Unpacked - wine that’s tailored to your tastes

Wine Unpacked launches a new wine subscription service with monthly deliveries specifically tailored to your preferences

Wine Unpacked, founded by Tom Planer, has launched a brand-new wine subscription service, Hand-Picked. Wine Unpacked was initially launched to debunk the myths and mysteries surrounding wine and make tasting and learning about wine more accessible.

Hand-Picked aims to bring high quality and delicious wine straight to the door of UK wine lovers and ensures that every bottle is one they’ll love.

The initial delivery from the subscription service is the Tastefinder box. The box provides twelve fun-sized bottles of whites and reds and a detailed chart which guides the user through a tasting experience and allows them to highlight everything from whether they prefer Chardonnay to Beaujolais, full-bodied or light-bodied flavour and how much tannin tantalises their taste buds.

After the Tastefinder has been completed, the team of experts at Wine Unpacked will go through the chart to curate the perfect box of monthly wines to send out. The brand offers a completely personalised and customisable experience which ensures customers will love every bottle they receive.

Wine Unpacked offers a monthly subscription service so that you have a new selection of delicious wines delivered each month. There are tiered options of two, four and six bottles. All the wines are specially selected and technically brilliant. They are sourced from smaller producers so quality is always prioritised. Where possible, the wines are organic and bio-dynamic.

Subscribers will receive a range of treats to surprise and delight throughout their Wine Unpacked journey - these include bonus bottles of orange, rosé or sparkling wine and the monthly golden ticket box. Each month one lucky customer will be selected to receive an extra bottle of ultra-premium wine.

In addition to this, subscribers will also gain access to Wine Unpacked’s bank of video content from the likes of Holly Willcocks, formerly of Noble Rot, Mike Davies, of Mike’s Peckham, and Hannah Crosbie of Dalston Wine Club. These videos offer fun and interactive lessons on wine as well as insights on drinking along with some of the wine industry’s biggest players.

Wine Unpacked is also set to launch a bottle shop which will allow subscribers to purchase additional bottles of their favourites from each box.

Wine Unpacked is available for purchase online at A subscription to Hand-Picked by Wine Unpacked begins at £39 a month and includes the Tastefinder box and two bottles of wine.