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Women Who Want More: Doctor’s Empowering New Book

‘Women Who Want More: How to Create a Balanced and Fulfilled Life’ calls on the life, work and wisdom of Dr. Rana Al-Falaki, helping any woman build a new life from the ground up that is true to their purpose and core energy. From maintaining healthy boundaries and embracing loving new relationships to dealing with parents, bringing up children, being healthy, creating abundance and having fun each and every day - Al-Falaki hands the power to readers. One critic wrote, “I can honestly say I have been so inspired and encouraged to be a better person. It has simple but effective exercises to do which highlight areas within yourself that need to be explored/ developed and is credible that anyone can achieve the successes that Dr Rana has.”

There isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t feel like she’s stuck in a rut, with unfulfilled dreams. Her ideas are strong, but transposing them into action is a struggle. It’s a universal challenge that is now being quashed thanks to a new book by Dr Rana Al-Falaki. ‘Women Who Want More: How to Create a Balanced and Fulfilled Life’ is a blueprint of empowerment any woman can use to rebuild her life into the existence she has always dreamed of. One with purpose, love and true joy that will also improve the lives of those around her. Synopsis: Are you juggling to find balance in your life? Imagine how you’d feel if your life was just as you wanted it to be. If you could ask for what you wanted, create it and find the time to enjoy it. If you could change the thought of “I can’t" to “I totally CAN!" Discover the answers in this powerful book :-Discover what you truly want -How to set and maintain healthy boundaries -How to change the feeling of ‘should’ to want ’-Instant strategies to combine fun with the never-ending ‘to-do’ list -FREE guided meditations and additional downloadable resources including finding your purpose, how to deal with parents, partners and children, being healthy, creating abundance and having fun. Dr Rana Al-Falaki has had over twenty years’ experience as a leader in her field, establishing and growing a successful business. She is a researcher, international speaker and trainer, and at the same time a mother of three, friend to many and partner to one. Nicknamed ‘Super-woman’, but having done it the hard way, she shares her secrets of how you too can have a life full of fun, energy, love, health, money and fulfilment EASILY and QUICKLY.  For further info, visit “I wanted to create a resource that didn’t overwhelm readers with theory, but instead gave tangible, fast-action strategy any woman can deploy today,” explains the author, who has been a celebrated speaker, coach and healer for over two decades. “The book is about finding your true purpose and, by embracing your core energy, building this new life based on your foundational values and beliefs. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and nor should there be.” Continuing, “Society places huge restraints on women, but thankfully it’s easy to unshackle from them, move forward fearlessly and show the world you’re a force to be reckoned with. The book is already generating amazing results internationally, and I’m so thrilled each and every time a woman picks a copy up and makes that commitment to herself.” Reviews for the book have been glowing. JD comments, “Dr Rana Al-Falaki, where have you been? A really good and inspiring read, on the themes of empowerment, motivation and the mindset for transformation. The exercises are well worth doing and enlightening. It’s not just for women though, well worth a read by men too.” Liane Avery adds, “Women Who Want More is simple yet practical. Featuring a host of powerful and effective techniques to boost productivity and increase self-awareness, Dr. Al-Falaki's book offers information on a full spectrum of issues that affect the modern-day human, ranging from health, fitness and diet to career, money and family. When it comes to empowering women, Dr. Rana uses the motto “compromise is overrated” in order to imbue her female readers with the confidence to rise above limiting barriers deployed by society. Her book also includes guided meditations and comes with downloadable resources so you can truly implement the book’s teachings.” ‘Women Who Want More: How to Create a Balanced and Fulfilled Life’ is available now: Amazon UK - Amazon US - Find the book on GoodReads -


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