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Turning an everyday essential into joy

'Turning an everyday essential into joy', that is what 'Wookie Apparel' owner Jake aims to-do with his brand. Wookie Apparel is a sock brand but not just any old sock brand... a funky sock brand from Australia.

Launching his brand July 2018 Jake had one goal, to turn an everyday essential colourful for a fun an enjoyable experience. Nearly everyone at some point in their life will put on a pair of socks, no you can get many different type of socks depending on the weather or if your playing sports, different shoe type socks... many different types but none come close to Wookie apparel.

I spoke to Jake about his brand and wanted to find out the background on the name of his brand. He told me, 'Being a huge star wars fan, the name originated from beloved, fluffy wookiees'. I then wanted to find out about his designs to see if there were any particular designs they focused and about any potential up coming collections. Jake wasn't give me to much information but he did tell me, 'Yes, we try to introduce a new collection of socks every month! At this point in time we are looking to expand on our 'food collection’ and are introducing a new ‘colourful collection'.

A sock brand isn't something i have look at before and i dont think many people do but the sock can be a huge part of your everyday style, why not let the sock define the outfit?

I love these socks and I think that in just a few short years many will too.

Head over to their website and purchase your very own pair of Joyous socks


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