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What is fantastic to of watched in the last couple of decades is the rising popularity of female fashion brands embracing women empowerment in their message. Yes we've come an incredibly long way from how things used to be but what we need to ensure is that we never forget where we came from and where we are today and fashion brand Zenzee believe one way we can do this is through the fashion we wear.

Founder of Women's fashion brand Zenzee, Sharon Backurz says her brand is 'Created by women, for women, and about women', and she tell us that Zenzee is a brand that is, 'Inspired by a desire for ladies to be part of the social conversation'. And I think that is one thing it's truly about -being an equal not higher not lower but equal. Sharon also told us that she wants her brand to be a source in inspiration for women, for her brand to make women feel empowered... whilst rocking a cool vibe.

As with many independent brands like Zenzee, one important factor in making their brand a success is the products You could be the best salesperson in the world but without a good product you're going to have difficulty to sell. This is exactly the same for Zenzee, and it's something the brand acknowledges - 'We believe in great product. We’re not skimping on details— we obsess over them', and the brand are also aware of the growing eco-conscience more buyers are developing 'Our products are designed using the highest-quality eco-friendly materials', the brand told us.

To create a brand where your customers feel like a community is a very unique thing to happen. You might get it with a celebrity brand, their fans feel like they are a community, but to get it when you're not a celebrity or have a million dollar marketing budget is very impressive. There is definitely something to be learnt here for other brands.

When you make someone feel apart of something they are more likely to be loyal. Again this is something the brand are completely aware of, 'We believe in community. We believe that when women support other women, the result is truly powerful. We believe in collaborating with like-minded organizations and giving back with every piece we sell'. the brand's website says.

Zenzee is a very unique brand, not just in the clothes they sell but in the way it's run, in the way it connects with it's customers and it something that can only bring success for the brand.

You can shop the full stylish range from Zenzee and become apart of one of the best fashion communities by heading over to now.


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